Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten on Handsome

So...I am supposed to tell you Handsome's top 10 favorite things, but since I like to be different I am going to do the opposite. Nobody wants to hear me say how much he loves me and the kids or about what a nerd he is with WOW and UO (that's World of Warcraft and Ultima Online, two online games)...yeah, I love my computer nerd.

Okay, here we go:

10. Poopy diapers. He will change them, but I get to hear about it when he does. For days...

9. Men's deodorant. You would think that my guy WANTS to smell manly, but no. He in fact loves the smell of my Secret Vanilla Chai deodorant so much that I think he secretly tries to run out and not have a spare so that he can "forget" to buy it for a couple of days at work and smell all girly. It could be seen as sweet though, he just likes to think of me each time he sweats

8. Hampers. I would not call this a dislike though. It is a life threatening phobia. Hey- hampaphobia is real people!

7. Artistic People. Don't worry, he is just jealous. He doesn't appreciate the areas that he is very creative and wants what he doesn't have.

6. Crying kids. He always seems to be thrown aback by my emotional wreckness when he comes home...until he has to deal with them for 5 minutes while I use the restroom. I personally like those doses of reality. They last a day or so in my favor.

5. Emotional Women. This is huge for him. Poor guy is now working Human Resources in a largely female populated company. Target has TONS of women in high level positions and plenty in normal roles as well. Then he comes home to his wife who is a ball of recovering-from-baby don't need further illustration.

4. Nagging. I hate to put the blame on you, but if you would just DO the things I so sparingly ask you, I wouldn't have to nag you...yeah, right!

Adult Footed Pajamas. If your wife throws those on it's like the great wall of China between you and your goal. "What did I do now?"

2. My Relationship with His Mother. Now you all think that we fight a lot or something by the sound of that. Nope. I love my mother in law- she is awesome. The issue is that we aren't so great at communicating, so often we will think the other is mad at us, but don't want to ask each other for fear of upsetting the comes his issue. We both bother him about it. "Is your mom upset with me about something? Do you think such and such offended her?" He has a right to be bothered there.

And the number one thing my husband hates................

1. Shopping at Ross. Absolutely, positively hates it. I want to go for the deals, they have some really great stuff at great prices. For him, being in retail management and being held to high standards, which in turn he holds his people to, causes him to cringe when I mention the name of the store. Consequently I do not tell him it is in my plans for our day. I casually find something that is near there that we need to do and then say something like, "Honey, can we stop by Ross for a quick second? Alexis needs a pair of shoes and we are right here." He appeases me, but he cannot stand the mess they have littering every corner. He just doesn't understand the joy of frugality.

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Vicky said...

Honestly, I understand the "joy of frugality", but that store stresses me out too. Every once in a while I'll go in to look for something specific, but in general I avoid it.

Why doesn't Tom offer to "wait in the car with the kids"? I suppose you'd need Alexis to try on the shoes, but now he has Ben he can use as an excuse :)