Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lead by Example?

Okay, so I totally get that you have to watch what you say around your kids. They mimic the things you say and repeat them at the most inappropriate times, that's a lesson that I have down- though I make the choice to ignore it sometimes, I am not unaware that I may very well hear it down the road.

But seriously! Why can't I hear the words, "You're so cute!" or, "Wow, awesome job!" or the one I would really love to hear, "Let's go to sleep."

Instead I get, "NO!" and, "RIGHT NOW!" and, "You're stinky Momma."

Life is so not fair...and I am going to complain about it.

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Vicky said...

For the record, I have never heard you tell your daughter that she's stinky-- unless it was in reference to her diaper. Of course, that might be what you were referring to in your post anyway.

Some NICE things I hear your daughter repeat: "I love you BIG MUCH", "See you later, alligator (mama)", "Hold you!", "Thank you, Mama!", and "Goober" (seeing as it's always said as a joke, I think "goober" is a nice word). There are many more, but I can't think of any.

However, I wouldn't hold my breath for "Let's go to sleep" for at least another 12-15 years... :)

You are doing a great job as a mommy to both your goobers ;)