Saturday, October 4, 2008

Same Old Sexy

My husband is a very attractive guy. I have always thought so, and I feel blessed that I found a man that is so perfect for me in every way with the bonus of being “easy on the eyes”. He is great for my weak points in many ways. I’m obsessive, he is patient. I am emotional, he is well grounded. I am organized, he is…well…not so much. I am a follower of rules and controlling, he is laid back. It’s a good match for both of us.

So, I was thinking today about how I haven’t been looking at him the same recently. It’s almost like I’ve been looking past him, not appreciating him as much as I should. Yes, we have a new baby. Yes, my life is crazy. Life will always have something going on and I need to remember that I have a special husband that other women would dream of living life with.

I guess my point is to both remind myself to “Stop and smell the husband” a little more often, and also to share reality with those that are young and in love. No matter how sexy your perfect match is, someday it will still reach the point where it’s the same old sexy and you have forgotten to stop and let him take your breath away.

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