Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keeping Perspective

I think that there are political extremists watching me because I just wrote this post and then my foot unwillingly landed on the power bar that electrifies my computer! Dang it, have to start over. I want you to know ahead of time, this is not about politics even though it mentions it and you will not know which candidate I am even leaning toward from my blog. This is about something far more important.

I am glad that I live in a country where people are all fired up about finding out who they think will best run our country. And let me remind you that we are lucky to live in one where the president is only part of that group that does so. It is our responsibility to be involved and concerned about choosing our leaders because we were blessed by God with the right to do so.

With that clarified, I want to say that I am a Christian. My first goal in life is to serve God in whatever ways He chooses and prioritizes. My Lord makes it quite clear that what He expects of me first and foremost is to love His children UNCONDITIONALLY and to serve them above myself. This is a challenge, I will admit. I do love myself quite a lot, and I will have to grow further capable of this challenge all of my life with His help. This means during an election year, when my neighbor is a small man with a huge attitude, and when someone doesn't treat me with that same respect. By giving myself the title of Christian, or follower of Christ, I am taking on the responsibility of that name. My actions reflect on Him. Sometimes we forget our purpose and we get caught up in what we think should be going on. Remember to be careful in your actions and to act with love toward those with different political views. Let's not become hypocrites and allow the pursuit of our cause to become more important than the cause itself.

Don't forget that even if the elected people don't do things in an honorable way, even if they become totally immoral and our country becomes something of biblical unruliness and sin, God is still in charge and He still wants us to act with love. We can't understand His agenda all the time and if He really has a candidate that He particularly wants in office, He will do it without our votes. No election is more important than treating my fellow man with respect and dignity. We can disagree on anything and I should still act with love toward him. Let us watch our words and keep them tasteful. Let us not forget our true purpose in life and allow God to remain at the center of our thoughts. Nothing is greater than that.

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Claire said...

Why am I JUST NOW learning about your blog? I absolutely LOVE it!