Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because I love Gramps

Alternately titled Gumby and Baby's first trip to the beach.

We went to the beach the other day.  You have seen photos of this particular beach in the past, but it was during the colder season and the tide was nowhere near this far out.  And...well, we only had two kids then.

Gramps has been bugging for some photos, so you can thank him for this post.  While I don't have time to blog, I can make time for the old dude that I love so much.  He did spoil me with Baskin Robbins a few times in my youth after all.  I OWE him =).

(he doesn't know that I took the photo of his naughty trick...and he DID get in trouble for that)
It's not just the boy who likes to get dirty!
The only proof that Baby and I were there that day =).
And that's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Smiles and the Ant

My boy is all boy when it comes to bugs.  He somehow finds them in the house and brings them to me.  When he was eight months old or so, he caught his first fly in mid air.  He loves the bugs.

This afternoon the older three were jumping on the trampoline, when along came a large ant with wings.

Smiles:  "Well, hello mister ant!  How are you today?  I think I'll pick you up in my magnificent pincer grip."

Sisters:  "Ahhhhhh!  Ohhhhh!  Ewwww!  SMILES!!!!!!!  Ewwwww, a bug!"

Daddy:  "What do you have there Smiles?  Bring it here."

Ant:  "Dude!  Who ARE you?  And WHY are you holding me by the wings!?!  OKAY!  OUCH...back to the wings...back to the wings...I'd like to keep my body intact!"

Mommy:  "Smiles, bring that to Daddy please.  NOW.  Smiles...SMILES!  We do NOT put that in our ear!  NOOOOOO!"  turned to Handsome, "GET that away from him NOW, he is putting it IN HIS EAR!"

Smiles, all the while smirking and laughing at his new toy.  His face changes from grins to anger and tears as he throws the ant to the ground.  Crying comes from our dear Smiles.

Ant:  "DUDE!  I was NOT going in your ear.  You don't taste very good you know...don't you know what a bath is?  Oh, wait, I like to eat wood with dirt on it all the time.  That red stuff that came out of you sure isn't my favorite though.  Anyway, that'll teach you!  DON'T MESS with ants DUDE!  We will bite back."

Poor Smiles sports his little bloody bite on his ear and learns:  You do not put ants in your ears.

Hopefully you can learn from his mistakes and not have to endure this one the hard way like Smiles.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on Tonya

I am so excited to inform you all that Tonya's adopting family submitted their paperwork this week!  That means that they are just waiting for a date now for their travel.

Pray for Tonya's family as they prepare for their trip.

Pray for Tonya, that she would have a wonderful connection with her forever family.

And pray for the rest of this family's adoption process.

I'll keep you posted when they get a travel date.  Thank you to those of you that have
prayed for and supported their adoption.  Yeay for Tonya!