Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's Mine- Finally!

So, forever ago (that means a really long time in young girl talk and I like to pretend that I am still young) I was tagged by Vicky for this photo thing. I am a slacker, so I didn't get mine up until now because...well, just because I didn't. Deal with it.

Fourth picture in the fourth folder of the fourth folder of the fourth folder...cause I have way more folders in my photo area than normal people would ever dream of having.

You get that fourth in the fourth thing out and explain it. Then you tag some folks...that's what the rules are via me. I don't retain information for long and I am too lazy to go back and look.

This is Smiles in the hospital when he was born. What was I doing (to answer the question that I am supposed to answer)? Well, I think you can guess what I was doing. I was sitting sideways so as not to have too much pain and probably wanting the newly claimed "feeding utensils" to stop hurting so much from their work. I also imagine that I was wanting to get home and wash my hair with the ability to DO something with it that didn't make it look like the mop that my Junior High School janitor used to scrub the floors.

That's what I imagine was going on. I can't be too sure though because I don't remember much from that day other than the painful part that is seared into my memory. Why do I want to have more children again...? Oh yeah, I guess I do like them after they get here =).

I will tag four people like I am supposed to because I am a rules follower. At least, I follow the rules I can remember.

Alicia because she NEVER posts and we need to get her to do it and she has awesome pictures

Jenilee because I like to look at her little girls and thought I would bring a blog-life friend into the mix

Brie because she needs to learn to post more often and I want to pick on her for that

and lastly...

Handsome because he doesn't have any pictures of his family up and perhaps he will choose to show that we exist - or not. We don't really fit the mold for his blog, but all they said was that I had to choose four. They didn't say that the people actually have to be interested.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet the Family: Smiles

Smiles is my boy. He is so much different than his sister and I am enjoying getting to know him just as much as I have loved learning about her. Now, Smiles is young enough that I can’t go on for ages about him like I did his sister, but know that he is awesome all the same. Much of the communication between Smiles and I can just not be expressed through written words, we share something special that only a mother and child have. It’s somewhat of a spiritual connection and I love that it’s still so easy for us.

It may sound silly, but I know this boy has a strong spirit. When we pray together at night in silence, I can feel a connection there. He is praying with me. He is resting in the spirit of our Lord as well. I love to pray with that boy beside me. I cannot explain why, I just know that I do. I can’t wait to see the plans the Lord has for his life. When I pray with him it is unlike any other prayer I know. It’s so special. I will admit that I pray with him the most, even if perhaps that is a bit selfish and unfair.

This boy is aggressive in what he wants. While Curly was always cautious, Smiles will just go for it. It seems that this is partially just a boy thing. It’s still interesting to me. The boy will bang his head against something as many times as I will let him in order to reach what he is after. He is somewhat fearless. He is persistent and WILL get what he wants. If not, you will hear a high pitched screech that I thought, hoped, was a girl thing. With his arm stretched to the full extent it is capable, he will reach and reach whilst shrill songs fill the air. It is far from adorable at that point.

I save him for my ear’s sake.

He discovered the gift of rolling first. It began as a back to front thing where he would roll onto his back, pivot his feet toward what he wanted, and then roll back onto his tummy. Now he is on to the full out roll. Over and over in a very quick fashion, he will reach the item of affection. Very cute. Very stubborn.

Smiles is independent. He likes to have room to move and plays well on his own. He will play on the floor or in his saucer until he is ready to eat or sleep. He enjoys figuring things out and it’s not uncommon to find his arm flailing in an up and down motion all the time. That or his foot.

While nursing. Smiles is hitting the air or kicking his foot up and down.

While in the bath.

While getting changed….you get the point.

He talks a lot and often babbles. He says Da da da, but never ma ma. I know he loves me, but he is more into his Daddy than his Mommy. That is fine with me.

The last thing about Smiles is that he wants to be just like his sister. He adores her. When she is in the room, there is no one else in existence. He could be having his first feed of the morning and he will abandon it just to see her face. When he wakes, she goes in first to see him and make him smile. She can change his cry into a laugh with ease and he could watch her for know, other than the fact that he can’t stay awake for hours yet.

It is so fun to watch him love her. Does every sibling relationship seem so sweet at this age?

I sure do love my Smiles.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feast Your Eyes

I figured you might be getting a little hungry for some food for your eyes. Smiles and Curly will take it from here.

Buckets of fun!

Talk to you tomorrow.

Don't Get Confused on Those Organics

There are a lot of strange ways that a mind can be deceived. Since I have been trying to be more healthy, I wanted to share a thing or two that I am learning or have learned.

One way that we can trick ourselves is with Organics. Organic is a good thing. Very true. But there are a couple of ways a brain can be twisted with the "organic" label.

Organic means that something was grown or raised with out chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics if we are referring to an animal. Animals (or their meat rather) labeled organic are fed differently than those that are not. That's really all it means when you buy something organic, I'm sure you already knew that but I wanted to remind you. That's a good thing, don't misunderstand.

Oh yeah, and the way the food is processed is better for the environment. I guess that's part of it too. I just don't know that much about that part, so if you want to know about that I am not your girl.

Sometimes when you see that label though, your mind might deceive you and insert "healthy" where "organic" is written. Just be careful not to let your mind do that and you are good in this department. Now, I am not saying it is bad to have some organic cookies or chips or anything like that. It is always better to be chemical free, just be aware of the choice you are making and the fact that it's still junk food.

It's just chemical free junk food.

Also, know this. There is this little tricky thing they do with the label. When you are buying organic, check the label for anything that says "added". If it's added to the organic food post organic you see where it gets tricky? For example, there is a certain grocery store that has a line of organic products that I decided to buy some yogurt from a little while back. Only problem was it said "natural flavors added". Did I mention that they also fool you sometimes with the word natural? No? Well, they do. Natural doesn't mean jack diddly. It's not regulated at all. Usually natural is something I run from depending on what the rest of the label seems to be a favorite trick of those food selling folks. Natural flavors are a large number of additives. If possible, don't buy stuff that says natural flavors on the ingredients list.

If you try that, be warned, you will find it's sometimes hard to find things that do not have those pesky natural flavors.

"And that's all I have to say about that." -Forrest Gump

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Bye to Blogging

My husband had me a bit irritated yesterday. It's silly actually, but I have been overly into keeping up with the blog and I love to write about our lives and my mind so that I can share with anyone that will have it. That's just how things go I guess.

Well, he sees how much I enjoy this little hobby and has started his own blog. Yeay for you honey! I hope you have as much fun as I have. It's great relaxation in my opinion. What a way to wind down after a day of busy crazy stuff. Have fun.

La ti da...I go about my days and subscribe to his blog. I read his first, and only so far, post. Life is grand.


What in the world does he think his is doing using MY Firefox to go to HIS blog?! Um, yeah...I think NOT!

I guess you could say I threw a bit of a tizzy (it was an all out temper tantrum that rivaled Curly's rare whoppers). You see, I don't EVER sign in. Nope. I just keep myself logged in and when I close the window it's fine. I just click on the little Firefox logo and click on "My Account" (he has it set so that Google is our start up page) and then click "Blogger". It's awesomely cool because I do not have time to remember or look up my password every time I want to blog or look at yours.

Dang you dude! Use internet explorer for gosh sakes.

He says to me that I could use internet explorer in his ever calm and patient voice.

NOT GONNA HAPPEN! says his raging wife. I need all that fancy red underlining that comes with my misspelled words when I use Firefox. It helps me out...most of the time. (Ignore if you read my Honor God with Your Body post before handsome got home that night. I wrote it late at night and he told me the next day that he had to make some major adjustments to that one...ooops)

So last night, I went to log in and then was SO lazy that after typing the first couple of letters in...

I just closed the window and told him I wasn't going to ever blog again.

Stop it guys. I don't laugh at you when you are being immature. At least not to your face =).

Yes huh! Look right up there above- ...........................Do you see it ....................that's right. My face is right there. So there! Don't laugh at me. Don't raise your eyebrows and tell me that I am a big baby. That's not what friends are supposed to do. You are supposed to gently guide me to be a bit more mature. You are supposed to nudge me in the direction of rectifying things with my husband who is, quite honestly, laughing right with you.

Thanks. That's better. Though I felt it just a bit condescending. You really should mind your own business sometimes.

Yeah. I forgive you.

What? Oh yeah.... I will tell him I am sorry just as soon as he gets home. In fact, I will also tell him publicly.

"Handsome, I am sorry for being such a big baby. Will you forgive me?"

(And in case you wondered, I did have chocolate yesterday. Ooops.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ode to My Lost Love

This week has brought bitter sorrow to my life as I have lost a beloved friend. We have been through many years, many trying times together. My sorrow often eased by the knowledge of your presence.

So many memories I have with you. You were such a part of my life that you were almost a part of me. We were one at times. Memories of you with Mom and I, we shed some laughter and tears many a time. Memories of childhood with you, Meatloaf and I sitting around together in her room laughing until we cried and talking about boys. I love how we could sit in silence for hours upon end, how just knowing you were there was such a comfort.

Daily I knew you were there for me, any time I needed you. It seemed as if you were always available, should I need you- you were just waiting. Oh how I will miss you.

How could you do such a thing to me!? How could you betray me like that!?

I will never be the same.

How will I face the coming days without you? Knowing that you caused me such sorrow and loss...

I thought you loved me in return, that you were my shoulder to cry on. Always near when I was full of joy or pain. A daily part of my life. Really you were lurking in the shadows, plotting against me and scheming. You wanted to bring me to anger and you took joy in my failure. You totally set me up! How DARE you!!!

My ability to forgive will be tested with you. I do not know if I will ever be able to forget you. I will feel empty with you gone from my life.

(I just figured out that Chocolate has been causing some major mood swings. It's gonna be the hardest thing to give up. I am having a hard time, but you know, you have to choose your friends wisely. Sometimes it's painful to turn them away, but when they are toxic to your life...well, you have to let go. Remember me in those moments when you partake of that special friendship. Remember me.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hide and Seek With Curly

Curly hiding under a sock tonight after getting dressed for bed. She was really hiding here...Handsome took this picture as she thought that he was looking for her. Only got one good shot because the flash gave it away.

My girl loves to hide. I wrote about this recently in a Meet the Family post on Curly. She hides all the time from anyone that comes into our home. It’s the best game in the world if you ask her. The trouble is, she doesn’t really understand the concept all the way yet.

Curly runs off to hide. She chooses the closet in the living room as her place.

“Where ARE me?” she says.

Me: “Where is Curly? Daddy, do you know where Curly is?”

Handsome: “Nope, I haven’t seen her. We had better find her!”

We go on a search looking for her and name all the places as we look for her.

Me: “Is she in under the couch?”

Curly: Clearly from the closet, “NOPE!” At least she has learned not to say where she actually is now. She used to tell me the location as she was “hiding”.

Me: “I wonder if she is in the kitchen.”

Curly: “Nope!” You can hear the ear to ear smile on her face.

Me: “Hmmm, is she in the closet?” as I open the closet door.

Curly: “He he he!” Ernie laughing followed by a squeal. “Okay. I muh hide again Mama!”

Curly runs off to hide again. She chooses the closet in the living room as her hiding place.

“Where ARE me?” she says.

You can see where it would get a little old after she hides in the closet in the living room for the sixth time this afternoon.

She sure has fun doing it though.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet the Family: Curly

Curly is my dear little nearly three year old. Oh the many things I could tell you about Curly. She is so interesting and I love learning more and more about her myself. She is at such a fun age where she is clearly able to express more of who she is and I love it. Let’s take it one word at a time.

Silly. You never know what you are going to encounter with her. Often she will be in the mood to growl at random times or squeal at the top of her lungs. She will giggle and violently toss her head back and forth making strange sounds.

Shy. That’s not all that true, but I wanted to think of one word to tell you that she loves to hide. Every day when her Daddy comes home she MUST hide. If you forget to let her hide, she will be very upset. She also hides from anyone else that may come to visit. The first thing a visitor must do is find her. Don’t think that it’s too hard though. This hiding spot may be on the couch under a pillow. A throw pillow guys, not a cushion, but a small pillow. Sometimes it is just her face hidden within her hands. She just loves to hide. It’s actually quite funny when we play hide and seek. I will have to write a post on that.

Hungry. Curly loves her some food. She loves Kix, apples, milk, and lots of other things. She has been known to hide food, I will post about that soon as well. When she calls her Daddy on the phone she always tells him to bring her some Kix. It’s their special thing. Recently I told her that when we came home she could have a cookie. This is not something that I do very often, though I will admit that somehow since Smiles came home we have been eating more sugar at our house. I am trying to change that. Anyway, Curly wanted an apple. To my surprise I told her that she would have to choose between an apple and the cookie. It was close to nap and she needed to quickly eat her choice. She chose the apple and I was very glad. I was about to beat myself up over making her choose one of those. Still young enough to choose the apple. How sweet.

Organized. This child has been a sorter from the start. She would always help me clean toys, even before she could walk. She has bins for the things in her room that are sorted and used to get upset with her best friend for not putting things in the right bin (I used to babysit her friend M during the day and they got to play a lot). Then as she grew a little older and found her own places for things, I would get in trouble with her for not putting things where she had organized them. Certain food items went in certain locations in her kitchen, etc. She is going to have to get over it a bit as her brother gets older. Usually she cleans up her own toys, so I haven’t really done anything about her orderly obsessiveness. She does get it from her Mom. Now it’s all about sorting with colors and other similarities.

Big. She is a tall girl for her age. 125th percentile was the last our pediatrician gave us. He kind of stopped giving us percentiles after her 18 month appt. She has stayed at least that high on the charts. I just hope that she doesn’t end up 6’ tall because it’s hard to buy pants when you are tall. It’s funny when she is around kids her age because I never know what age a kid is. And thankful for adjustable waist bands I am. (A little Yoda there…what the heck)

Loving. She is always so sweet to her family. It’s not uncommon for her to come up to me and say with a sigh, “I love you Mama.” Or, “You’re so sweet.” Or, “You bee-oo-a-ful Mom.” She doesn’t cuddle for long periods of time, but I do get lots of sweet snuggles that last a moment or two.

Deep. Often I am amazed at the spiritual concepts that she understands and the things she asks. Perhaps I don’t know a lot of kids her age and therefore I don’t know what to compare to, but I am astounded at the places her mind goes. She loves to sing about Jesus and gets so excited when a song comes on about Him. She will say, “IT SAYS JESUS MOM!” I just smile and agree with her. Recently she has been getting into worhsip at church. She is copying the other adults during worship and will clap and raise her hands. She sways back and forth and moves with the music. I have never really been a raiser of hands while singing, so I know that she has learned it from other adults that she admires.

I think that since I could go on for ages, I will stop. Curly is one that I could talk about forever. I love that girl like she was my own. Wait…she is. I guess that is why I adore her so much.

Curly makes me smile.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Want to be Just Like You Mommy

I haven't decided whether I should be flattered, or extremely embarrassed.

I will be sure to let you know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Honor God With Your Body

Honor God with your body.

Read it one more time up there...

That is something that was said two weeks ago in church. Sure, it was referring to sexual immorality, but it's been on my mind in a different way this week. I was thinking- I don't take care to eat as healthy as I know that I should. Some people think they are eating healthy and really are not because they are not aware of what healthy eating actually is. Unfortunately for me (okay, it's actually probably fortunate...just not my favorite) I have learned what it means to eat well. A couple years back I was on a healthy eating kick and learned a little bit about what to eat in order to get the nutrients you need and all that good stuff. I am not extremely knowledgeable, I just know enough to know enough that I am not doing things the way I should.

Then comes Mom. Stink on you Mom! She just has to show me this book she is reading, which I find out later is marketed as a diet type book, but really it's a nutritionist that is sharing how to change your lifestyle diet in a healthy way. I just thought it was about nutritious eating in the first place, so it was no surprise to me that she is wanting you to make some changes for life. Not just to lose pounds. I am not the type to "diet" anyway. Ever. I think it's silly and unhealthy and also not being happy with who you are. We won't get me started on diets. Nutrition though, nutrition is different.

Yes, I have known that my body is screaming for help. There are lots of issues that are showing me I need some help. I just didn't exactly know what it was saying. So, now the issue of whether or not to choose to make that change. Goodness knows I like my sugar. I like my chocolate, bread, and dairy products. Then come flowing back the words of two weeks ago Sunday, honor God with your body. Then remember the other words that he is working on for me, "All that I am and all that I have belongs to God." Okay. I know. I need to be healthy.

I then thought about when I turn to God with health issues. Heal this please Lord. I thought about my children and how I have to teach them by allowing the natural consequences to happen sometimes. Sometimes if Curly is making a bad decision and not listening to my counsel, I will have to give her consequences, or allow the natural ones to take place. She has to learn. It's true that our kids like to tune our voices out. It's just in the breeding. I am the same way with the Lord at times. I believe that He has to allow me to have my natural consequences from time to time as well. He can heal my issues even if I eat c-r-a-p all the time, but would it be good parenting? Perhaps not.

I have to learn to take care of my body. There are all kinds of examples of how diet effects the body. We pump so much junk into the foods we eat, even the ones that people don't think are bad for them, that we are trashing our bodies. I know this and the funny thing is that I am passionate about it in word and thought, but when it comes to taking action...


I won't lie to you and tell you that I am saying this so you can keep me accountable. Um, you are easily lied to since you are on the other end of a screen. I am accountable to you in no way. I am just sharing what is going on in my life 'cause that is what blogging is about. Just wanting to be honest with ya. I might fail at changes that I want to make. I'm not claiming that it's gonna go well at all. Just sharing what I'm living.

Take that.

...what that is I couldn't tell you though...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Contest Winner

I told you that I would decide the winner of the contest this weekend. The results are in.

For a little while I was scared that I would have to choose the runner up since Handsome had a winner for me. I loved his "I came out of where?!" but I knew that I didn't want him to win because that just wouldn't be right. I would basically be making cards for myself!

Last, but not least was Nana (Handsome's Mother) and her line was my winner.

She had Smiles and I laughing.
Nana said...

"$5 an ounce??? My bad, I've been sucking it down like water!"

Seriously, people really do pay $5 an ounce for breast milk. Good thing we have no problems there. I think my boy would be a formula baby if we had to purchase his beverages. That's just how it would have to be. Anyway, that was my favorite caption and thus Nana gets some cards. Let me know which ones you would like!
Sorry I was such a slacker this weekend. I was just spending some good family time with the kids and Handsome. Too much fun for taking time out to blog. I think I should be back for the week now though =).

(Not that anyone cared all that much though...except for my own mother, and she catches up every couple days sometimes anyway.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet the Family: Handsome

I decided that, since we are getting to know one another a bit better, it would be nice to introduce you to my family. That might sound boring, but I assure you that my family is very complicated. I will start simple with the family you already know a bit and then move on to our parents and siblings.

Handsome and I met when we were in High School. He has become a wonderful husband and father and I wouldn't want any other man to lead our family. Every marriage has difficulty in it, so don't think that I am implying that we have it down, but right now I am the most content I have been in my marriage ever. I am probably the most content I have been in my life.

Anyway, we are supposed to be talking about Handsome. Sorry. He is a very laid back guy that loves to spend time with his family. He could come across as shy to some, but really he is just the quiet observer type. It's nice to have an easy going guy for a girl like me. He doesn't care that much about many of the things I have a firm opinion on. Most of the time I get my way by default, and I have learned that if he has an opinion or desire that isn't the same as mine I should let him have his way. Or maybe I should say I am learning that. Sometimes I still have to work on it...

My fella helps around the house a lot. He does laundry (not all of it, give me some credit guys!), helps with the dishes, gives the kids baths, and takes care of lots of other things around the house. Every night, when he is home in time, he helps get Curly into bed while I nurse Smiles to sleep. I can't get over the awesome father that he is. The kids adore him and you can tell when he steps in the door. He isn't above a tea party and will even wear the hat if Curly asks, he might even put on a strand of beads or two. Watching them together just makes me smile.

He has become a faith-filled man that desires God. It's amazing to me to look back and see how far he has come. When we were dating he wasn't a Christian and now I can see it in all the little things. You know how little things just pile together and you know just by watching him that, "Wow. My husband really wants God to be the center of his life!". That's the most awesome thing a wife could ask for. I love when you share your heart with me honey. And I even love the little songs that you make up to crazy tunes that talk about God.

Handsome loves him some gaming. He plays online games and video games. Has since he was pretty young I think, so he is good at them too. Not that I brag to my friends about that one, but he might be proud of it. He understands the tech stuff way more than I do and used to design websites long before the bullseye entered his life (we're talking Target here...) and became his focus of employment. I like to call him my sexy computer nerd. (It seems to me that if I call him a nerd I had better put something nice with it. I don't think being a nerd is anything to complain about, but I don't want him thinking I am not being nice.)

And as you may have already heard, I am not shy about the fact that we are a Target family. He works for the awesome company and I honestly believe that there isn't a better retail corporation to work for. Right now he is HR and likes it, though he just transferred locations. We will see how the new adventure goes. This man was made for the work he does and I pray often that he can be an example of a godly man in the workplace.

Well, I could go on, but I will stop myself for now. I sure do love that man. What a blessing it is to have such a great guy at my side in everything that I encounter in this life. I am grateful to have you my love.

(This one is just for kicks. Let's be honest- kids pick noses. It's just the truth.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a wonderful distraction rice can be. It's been a great thing for me anyway. This is our new toy that I made with some of the cheapest rice I could find at the grocery store.

She will play for quite awhile in the rice. After it gets a little old, I plan on coloring it. A friend told me that if you mix food coloring with vinegar and color the rice, then let it dry fully, it won't get color on their hands and is bright and fun. So, that's our plan. Play with it white until we get bored and then add a little color to spice it up.

Good stuff.

I don't know. (The answer to your question of why her face looks like she is going to attack me with rice.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Storytime With Smiles

I have some really exciting news to tell you! I just found out about this food called...what was that again...OH YEAH! STEAK! Mom was telling Dad about how great it is and she would really like to eat some. She says Papa makes the best steak in the world, but she can make a pretty decent one from time to time herself. I think Mom might make some soon. It sounds delicious, don't you think?

Are you serious!?! What do you mean I am to little to eat steak? Why would my mom talk about it in front of me if I wasn't going to get any? That is just the worst news I have had all day! Now I have to figure out something else to eat...

So, do you think this will taste good? It looks bright and colorful. Mom says that the darker the color in vegetables, the more nutrients it has, like broccoli. I've never had broccoli, but I sure like when mom eats it. My big sister Curly likes to eat them a lot. She calls them trees. Do you think that this has lots of nutrients?

It looks kinda weird. It doesn't really smell like my other food...

Ah, what the heck. I am going to try it. It feels pretty good on my tongue. What are all these bumps? This must be that asparagus stuff I have heard about that has all those bumps on the side. It sure is lacking in flavor and I heard Aunt Meatloaf say that it gives her gas.

OOOh! What about this thing! This probably tastes better.

Curly: "Smiles, you might want to just stick with apples. They are my favorite!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fixing My Mistakes

This photo is one that I just happened to get the other night when Aunt Meatloaf was here. I laughed hard. So, I was having a hard time finding a way to have a contest that Vicky and my Mom could participate in because I am so lacking in creative skills... We are going to be copy-cats. I like to read me a little MckMama once in a while, and she has some spur of the moment "name that photo" contests.

The person who comes up with the best title, in my opinion, for this photo will win the same prize listed in this post. (Mom, Gramps, and other technology challenged folks- you click on the word that is highlighted...such as "Mck Mama" or "this" and it will take you to another location that tells you more about what I am talking about. Got it?)

Okay. I am not a big time blogger and this is just to make up for my little boo boo the other day, so it will run longer than other contests you may have seen. I also realized that a large quantity of my reading base is composed of people that have entered my home and weren't sure of their authorization for the last contest - you may ALL participate this time. You have one week to come up with good captions/titles for the picture. On Sunday night I will stop taking entries and make a decision. You are welcome to enter as many times as you want to. You know, in case you are going about your daily duties and you suddenly think of Smiles because you're feelin' what his face is speakin'...we gotta be open to that. I am sure that's just what you do! You think of my family all day long, right? Okay...maybe not.

Send me some laughs friends. Please! I love to laugh, just like in Mary Poppins. Nana, I implore you to participate. That's a personal invite there. (She likes to be shy.)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seeking the Sabbath: Generosity

I am not going to go into detail all that much today. I just wanted to share that God is heavily working on me in the area of generosity. I think I am a bit selfish. Well, I know that I am. For about a month now this has been an area of work.

The phrase that is repeated over and over in my heart and mind:

"All that I have and all that I am belongs to God."

That pretty much sums up, in a very simplified way, what I am growing in. It's all His. My stuff is His. My children are His. My LIFE is His.

That's gotta change a girl's perspective a little bit, don't you think? I could go much, much deeper, but I am rather contemplative right now and would rather keep my thoughts to myself as I explore. My mind might, and probably will change with a little more time. It's all about going deeper.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laundry Chronicles: Treasure Hunt

There is one clear way to tell when winter has arrived at our house. All of my husband's socks go missing. In the beginning it was an all out search so that his feet could find their way into his shoes. Day after day he would come to me seeking after these missing tootsie covers.

"Where are my socks? I can't find them anywhere!"

Do you like how it's my fault? I must have lost his socks. I am slacking at my job because they are missing. It's just like a child looking for their coat or shoes. Mom is somehow always at fault.

Then one day I figured out the mystery. I was getting ready to wash the sheets and started to pull the blankets off the bed. Then I moved on to the sheets. Lucky for me, I am methodical in my steps and remove each piece of bedding one at a time. If it weren't for that, the mystery would still be unsolved for all I know. I pull the top sheet off of the bed and there, lying at the foot, on his side between the top sheet and the fitted sheet, was a mound of socks.

How dare he blame me for his missing socks! Yes my love. I go in and take your socks from the laundry and hide them in the bottom of YOUR side of the bed.

I think not sir.

I think not.

He must have known what was going on a bit before I found it because it took me quite some time to resolve this case. I'm sure I just got to the sheet washing a little earlier than he thought I was going to, and therefore he didn't clean them out yet.

It turns out that he started wearing socks to bed when it got cold and then when he warmed up in the middle of the night, he would push them off under the covers and just leave them there. They piled up until they reached the point of leaving him with no clean socks because there were none to be washed. They were all in the bed. At least now I know where to look first when he asks me where his socks are.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Visit in Photos

As you can see by his face, Smiles is excited to let you know about his visit with Aunt Meatloaf. (Clarification, Aunt Meatloaf has been friends with Mommy since 3rd grade. Not actually an aunt, we have a lot of those and wouldn't want you to get confused.)

First we enjoyed a dinner of pancakes and sausage with choke cherry syrup (actually just Mommy ate that, but thanks again Gramps and GG for that). It was an eventful dinner due to the crazy showing off of Curly and the addition of Handsome to the meal mid-way through. Then Smiles took a bath, followed by Curly. Here you see Aunt Meatloaf snuggling Smiles after she did her first baby dressing.
He is just now squirming tons while getting dressed, so if you ask me, she got him at the worst stage for dressing. When they wiggle all over, but you can't tell them not to cause it's like telling a cat to do something. With less attitude of course.

Then came reading with Curly. I bet you are wondering what this picture shows. Well, I am not sure that I should tell you...since I don't like to keep secrets, Curly passed a little wind on Auntie and thought it was really funny. I am sure it didn't help that Daddy is over there to the right laughing at her!

And this is the last shot of the two of them for the night. This is the first time that she has not been too shy around Aunt Meatloaf. She is not a kid that likes to visit with you unless she sees you VERY often. She seems to be growing out of that a little.

*S has been blessed with the nickname Meatloaf due to it's history as her camp name when we were counselors together one summer. To be fair in humiliation my camp name was Martian. WE WILL NOT be going into the stories behind those names. At least not right now...I don't like to keep secrets, but some things we just don't have time for. *wink*