Monday, February 16, 2009

Contest Winner

I told you that I would decide the winner of the contest this weekend. The results are in.

For a little while I was scared that I would have to choose the runner up since Handsome had a winner for me. I loved his "I came out of where?!" but I knew that I didn't want him to win because that just wouldn't be right. I would basically be making cards for myself!

Last, but not least was Nana (Handsome's Mother) and her line was my winner.

She had Smiles and I laughing.
Nana said...

"$5 an ounce??? My bad, I've been sucking it down like water!"

Seriously, people really do pay $5 an ounce for breast milk. Good thing we have no problems there. I think my boy would be a formula baby if we had to purchase his beverages. That's just how it would have to be. Anyway, that was my favorite caption and thus Nana gets some cards. Let me know which ones you would like!
Sorry I was such a slacker this weekend. I was just spending some good family time with the kids and Handsome. Too much fun for taking time out to blog. I think I should be back for the week now though =).

(Not that anyone cared all that much though...except for my own mother, and she catches up every couple days sometimes anyway.)


Vicky said...

Excuse me but I cared!!!! I spent the last few days wondering when I was going to get some new reading material! :)

I thought Nana made the $5/oz thing up. I didn't realize that's the going rate! I'm thinking you could start some kinda side business after Smiles is weaned... sounds pretty profitable.

Handsome said...

Bested by my own mother. Bah! :)

You can still make a card for yourself though honey. Kidding of course...