Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laundry Chronicles: Treasure Hunt

There is one clear way to tell when winter has arrived at our house. All of my husband's socks go missing. In the beginning it was an all out search so that his feet could find their way into his shoes. Day after day he would come to me seeking after these missing tootsie covers.

"Where are my socks? I can't find them anywhere!"

Do you like how it's my fault? I must have lost his socks. I am slacking at my job because they are missing. It's just like a child looking for their coat or shoes. Mom is somehow always at fault.

Then one day I figured out the mystery. I was getting ready to wash the sheets and started to pull the blankets off the bed. Then I moved on to the sheets. Lucky for me, I am methodical in my steps and remove each piece of bedding one at a time. If it weren't for that, the mystery would still be unsolved for all I know. I pull the top sheet off of the bed and there, lying at the foot, on his side between the top sheet and the fitted sheet, was a mound of socks.

How dare he blame me for his missing socks! Yes my love. I go in and take your socks from the laundry and hide them in the bottom of YOUR side of the bed.

I think not sir.

I think not.

He must have known what was going on a bit before I found it because it took me quite some time to resolve this case. I'm sure I just got to the sheet washing a little earlier than he thought I was going to, and therefore he didn't clean them out yet.

It turns out that he started wearing socks to bed when it got cold and then when he warmed up in the middle of the night, he would push them off under the covers and just leave them there. They piled up until they reached the point of leaving him with no clean socks because there were none to be washed. They were all in the bed. At least now I know where to look first when he asks me where his socks are.

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Katherine Laine said...

LOL. Amber, you really know how to capture something simple and turn it into a "Chronicle". I SO enjoy reading your blog!