Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Bye to Blogging

My husband had me a bit irritated yesterday. It's silly actually, but I have been overly into keeping up with the blog and I love to write about our lives and my mind so that I can share with anyone that will have it. That's just how things go I guess.

Well, he sees how much I enjoy this little hobby and has started his own blog. Yeay for you honey! I hope you have as much fun as I have. It's great relaxation in my opinion. What a way to wind down after a day of busy crazy stuff. Have fun.

La ti da...I go about my days and subscribe to his blog. I read his first, and only so far, post. Life is grand.


What in the world does he think his is doing using MY Firefox to go to HIS blog?! Um, yeah...I think NOT!

I guess you could say I threw a bit of a tizzy (it was an all out temper tantrum that rivaled Curly's rare whoppers). You see, I don't EVER sign in. Nope. I just keep myself logged in and when I close the window it's fine. I just click on the little Firefox logo and click on "My Account" (he has it set so that Google is our start up page) and then click "Blogger". It's awesomely cool because I do not have time to remember or look up my password every time I want to blog or look at yours.

Dang you dude! Use internet explorer for gosh sakes.

He says to me that I could use internet explorer in his ever calm and patient voice.

NOT GONNA HAPPEN! says his raging wife. I need all that fancy red underlining that comes with my misspelled words when I use Firefox. It helps me out...most of the time. (Ignore if you read my Honor God with Your Body post before handsome got home that night. I wrote it late at night and he told me the next day that he had to make some major adjustments to that one...ooops)

So last night, I went to log in and then was SO lazy that after typing the first couple of letters in...

I just closed the window and told him I wasn't going to ever blog again.

Stop it guys. I don't laugh at you when you are being immature. At least not to your face =).

Yes huh! Look right up there above- ...........................Do you see it ....................that's right. My face is right there. So there! Don't laugh at me. Don't raise your eyebrows and tell me that I am a big baby. That's not what friends are supposed to do. You are supposed to gently guide me to be a bit more mature. You are supposed to nudge me in the direction of rectifying things with my husband who is, quite honestly, laughing right with you.

Thanks. That's better. Though I felt it just a bit condescending. You really should mind your own business sometimes.

Yeah. I forgive you.

What? Oh yeah.... I will tell him I am sorry just as soon as he gets home. In fact, I will also tell him publicly.

"Handsome, I am sorry for being such a big baby. Will you forgive me?"

(And in case you wondered, I did have chocolate yesterday. Ooops.)


Mom said...

Let me get this straight...You can't both use firefox? Why not?
I know I'm low-tech(computer idiot)but enlighten me.

Pure Mommy Extract said...

We CAN both use it. I am just a lazy bum that doesn't want to log in every time. He has to sign me out if he uses the same browser (aka: Firefox, Internet explorer, etc.)

Vicky said...

Hence the reason I use Internet Explorer when I'm at your house. :)

Handsome said...

Yes of course I accept your apology. :) I know it was the chocolate talking and not an overtired mother of two children. FireFox for the win!

Katherine Laine said...

But can't you save your passwords and screen names so they auto fill even when you get logged out? That's what mine does - cuz I like to share. :)