Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's Mine- Finally!

So, forever ago (that means a really long time in young girl talk and I like to pretend that I am still young) I was tagged by Vicky for this photo thing. I am a slacker, so I didn't get mine up until now because...well, just because I didn't. Deal with it.

Fourth picture in the fourth folder of the fourth folder of the fourth folder...cause I have way more folders in my photo area than normal people would ever dream of having.

You get that fourth in the fourth thing out and explain it. Then you tag some folks...that's what the rules are via me. I don't retain information for long and I am too lazy to go back and look.

This is Smiles in the hospital when he was born. What was I doing (to answer the question that I am supposed to answer)? Well, I think you can guess what I was doing. I was sitting sideways so as not to have too much pain and probably wanting the newly claimed "feeding utensils" to stop hurting so much from their work. I also imagine that I was wanting to get home and wash my hair with the ability to DO something with it that didn't make it look like the mop that my Junior High School janitor used to scrub the floors.

That's what I imagine was going on. I can't be too sure though because I don't remember much from that day other than the painful part that is seared into my memory. Why do I want to have more children again...? Oh yeah, I guess I do like them after they get here =).

I will tag four people like I am supposed to because I am a rules follower. At least, I follow the rules I can remember.

Alicia because she NEVER posts and we need to get her to do it and she has awesome pictures

Jenilee because I like to look at her little girls and thought I would bring a blog-life friend into the mix

Brie because she needs to learn to post more often and I want to pick on her for that

and lastly...

Handsome because he doesn't have any pictures of his family up and perhaps he will choose to show that we exist - or not. We don't really fit the mold for his blog, but all they said was that I had to choose four. They didn't say that the people actually have to be interested.

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Vicky said...

You sure do have some of the cutest newborn babies ever!!!! And wow has he grown!