Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hide and Seek With Curly

Curly hiding under a sock tonight after getting dressed for bed. She was really hiding here...Handsome took this picture as she thought that he was looking for her. Only got one good shot because the flash gave it away.

My girl loves to hide. I wrote about this recently in a Meet the Family post on Curly. She hides all the time from anyone that comes into our home. It’s the best game in the world if you ask her. The trouble is, she doesn’t really understand the concept all the way yet.

Curly runs off to hide. She chooses the closet in the living room as her place.

“Where ARE me?” she says.

Me: “Where is Curly? Daddy, do you know where Curly is?”

Handsome: “Nope, I haven’t seen her. We had better find her!”

We go on a search looking for her and name all the places as we look for her.

Me: “Is she in under the couch?”

Curly: Clearly from the closet, “NOPE!” At least she has learned not to say where she actually is now. She used to tell me the location as she was “hiding”.

Me: “I wonder if she is in the kitchen.”

Curly: “Nope!” You can hear the ear to ear smile on her face.

Me: “Hmmm, is she in the closet?” as I open the closet door.

Curly: “He he he!” Ernie laughing followed by a squeal. “Okay. I muh hide again Mama!”

Curly runs off to hide again. She chooses the closet in the living room as her hiding place.

“Where ARE me?” she says.

You can see where it would get a little old after she hides in the closet in the living room for the sixth time this afternoon.

She sure has fun doing it though.


Vicky said...

The dog kennel being the 2nd most likely location.

I love the fact that she refuses to open the front door for me because she has to hide, and that when I DO find her she ignores me and continues to hide. Um, all righty, nice to see you too :)

What a goober!

Lisa (Mom a.k.a.grandma) said...

We play hide and seek at our house with Curly, and she is is the best game in the world!

Handsome said...

I rather enjoyed hiding in between her mattress and box spring today. She couldn't find me and I scared her! She did find a great hiding spot with a little help from mommy; in the tall dirty clothes hamper! Best game of Hide-and-go-Seek yet!