Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet the Family: Smiles

Smiles is my boy. He is so much different than his sister and I am enjoying getting to know him just as much as I have loved learning about her. Now, Smiles is young enough that I can’t go on for ages about him like I did his sister, but know that he is awesome all the same. Much of the communication between Smiles and I can just not be expressed through written words, we share something special that only a mother and child have. It’s somewhat of a spiritual connection and I love that it’s still so easy for us.

It may sound silly, but I know this boy has a strong spirit. When we pray together at night in silence, I can feel a connection there. He is praying with me. He is resting in the spirit of our Lord as well. I love to pray with that boy beside me. I cannot explain why, I just know that I do. I can’t wait to see the plans the Lord has for his life. When I pray with him it is unlike any other prayer I know. It’s so special. I will admit that I pray with him the most, even if perhaps that is a bit selfish and unfair.

This boy is aggressive in what he wants. While Curly was always cautious, Smiles will just go for it. It seems that this is partially just a boy thing. It’s still interesting to me. The boy will bang his head against something as many times as I will let him in order to reach what he is after. He is somewhat fearless. He is persistent and WILL get what he wants. If not, you will hear a high pitched screech that I thought, hoped, was a girl thing. With his arm stretched to the full extent it is capable, he will reach and reach whilst shrill songs fill the air. It is far from adorable at that point.

I save him for my ear’s sake.

He discovered the gift of rolling first. It began as a back to front thing where he would roll onto his back, pivot his feet toward what he wanted, and then roll back onto his tummy. Now he is on to the full out roll. Over and over in a very quick fashion, he will reach the item of affection. Very cute. Very stubborn.

Smiles is independent. He likes to have room to move and plays well on his own. He will play on the floor or in his saucer until he is ready to eat or sleep. He enjoys figuring things out and it’s not uncommon to find his arm flailing in an up and down motion all the time. That or his foot.

While nursing. Smiles is hitting the air or kicking his foot up and down.

While in the bath.

While getting changed….you get the point.

He talks a lot and often babbles. He says Da da da, but never ma ma. I know he loves me, but he is more into his Daddy than his Mommy. That is fine with me.

The last thing about Smiles is that he wants to be just like his sister. He adores her. When she is in the room, there is no one else in existence. He could be having his first feed of the morning and he will abandon it just to see her face. When he wakes, she goes in first to see him and make him smile. She can change his cry into a laugh with ease and he could watch her for know, other than the fact that he can’t stay awake for hours yet.

It is so fun to watch him love her. Does every sibling relationship seem so sweet at this age?

I sure do love my Smiles.


Vicky said...

I love getting to see more of his personality as he gets older. I also love the special relationship he and Curly have together. Like yesterday when he was leaning precariously out of my arms to reach her.

His blog name is perfect... he's all Smiles, and everyone who is around him for more than a minute can't help but smile too :)

Jenilee said...

he is an adorable baby. I love the sibling relationship and how "true love" it is from the very beginning. although my girls are in the "bickering over everything" stage, their love for each other is always evident and I love that.

Stefanie said...

I love learning about your family. It's amazing the way you spoke about praying with him! They are very blessed children!

Carol said...


Thanks for your comment awhile back. Just found it today and came on over to see your page. Cute pics on Oh Snap!

We are from the NW; are you really getting tulips over there? We still have remnants of snow...

Our families are all in Kirkland, Redmond, Gig Harbor as well as east of the mountains.

Jenilee said...

oh how funny that your daughter says that too! and, I don't think they say that on winnie the pooh. :) I really don't know where they heard it but they like to say it. so, we are working on sisters are our forever friends! :)