Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Get Confused on Those Organics

There are a lot of strange ways that a mind can be deceived. Since I have been trying to be more healthy, I wanted to share a thing or two that I am learning or have learned.

One way that we can trick ourselves is with Organics. Organic is a good thing. Very true. But there are a couple of ways a brain can be twisted with the "organic" label.

Organic means that something was grown or raised with out chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics if we are referring to an animal. Animals (or their meat rather) labeled organic are fed differently than those that are not. That's really all it means when you buy something organic, I'm sure you already knew that but I wanted to remind you. That's a good thing, don't misunderstand.

Oh yeah, and the way the food is processed is better for the environment. I guess that's part of it too. I just don't know that much about that part, so if you want to know about that I am not your girl.

Sometimes when you see that label though, your mind might deceive you and insert "healthy" where "organic" is written. Just be careful not to let your mind do that and you are good in this department. Now, I am not saying it is bad to have some organic cookies or chips or anything like that. It is always better to be chemical free, just be aware of the choice you are making and the fact that it's still junk food.

It's just chemical free junk food.

Also, know this. There is this little tricky thing they do with the label. When you are buying organic, check the label for anything that says "added". If it's added to the organic food post organic you see where it gets tricky? For example, there is a certain grocery store that has a line of organic products that I decided to buy some yogurt from a little while back. Only problem was it said "natural flavors added". Did I mention that they also fool you sometimes with the word natural? No? Well, they do. Natural doesn't mean jack diddly. It's not regulated at all. Usually natural is something I run from depending on what the rest of the label seems to be a favorite trick of those food selling folks. Natural flavors are a large number of additives. If possible, don't buy stuff that says natural flavors on the ingredients list.

If you try that, be warned, you will find it's sometimes hard to find things that do not have those pesky natural flavors.

"And that's all I have to say about that." -Forrest Gump


Suzie said...

Great post..all very true!! People think that eating 'organic' automatically means healthy...very true that there is still organic 'junk food' and natural and 'made from organic' is all a marketing ploy to make people think they are buying and eating healthier!

Keren said...

Great post! Thanks for reminding me not all organic is healthy organic :)

On a side note, Suzie came over yesterday and brought her new cricut, lets just say Im sold and off to get one today! I really want to check out your album/cards...I need some inspiration :)

Lets gtg...soon!

Always Wanting Moore said...

Love this post! I love how we are being "lied" to about what we put in our bodys. Luckly I too have been really into "healthy" and organic eating and have done my homework and knew this info. (well healthy besides some cream puffs I had the other day! lol!)

Oh, and I am getting a Cricut tomorrow too! What have you started!?

Pure Mommy Extract said...

I'm glad that I could sell three Cricuts to the three of you. Too bad I am not getting paid for that!

As for those cream puffs, I am proud to say that they are all gone and will no longer be screaming out from the refrigerator. Now I just have to get someone to take my chocolate! Any takers?