Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Truth

Jesus.  There is power in that name.  Power in the name of Jesus.  When His name escapes from my lips there is a sudden surge within my bones.  I know that He is God.

Don't forget Him.  Don't forget Jesus.  Spirituality is nothing.  Nothing without the power of Christ behind it.  Your head may grow in information, but do not be deceived.  Without Christ it matters none.  Spirituality matters nothing without Truth, and the TRUTH is that because of Adam you were born destined to please self and forsake the God who created you.  The truth is that your eternity was at risk, an eternity without the presence of the only One who can fulfill you and make you whole.  You were on a path toward an empty eternity, broken and filled with sorrow and hatred.  But.  But your Creator had mercy.  He meant what He said when He saw what He had made and said that it was good.  He wasn't going to let a lie cloak His Truth.  Where the arrogant serpent sought to kill the Truth with one poison arrow, believing that his efforts were the end all for God's plan, God proved His Supreme Authority.  None is wiser than He.  None more perfect in all ways.  Compassion, though in it's purest form always equals great pain, is in His character, and out of that compassion He proved the liar wrong.  Compassion comes out of great LOVE.  And God IS love.  God doesn't do love, He IS love.

Without God, you are destined to live eternity without Love.  The absence of God is the absence of Love.  Where Love is not, resides hatred and malice and selfishness and disgusting filth that is fatal.  The absence of Love is death.  The absence of God is death.  They are one and the same.  You were created for Love.  You will admit that you NEED Love, you can see the power of Love and how Love creates change.

The world recognizes Love and a need for Love.  Why then, do so many reject the Truth, that they need God?  NEED.  You need God, you don't just do better with Him, you NEED HIM.  Without Love you die.  Without Him, you die.

And so He came.  He came to do what we could not.  He came into the world as a man and lived without sin.  He lived without sin that He might crush the power of death by being Love.  Death could not hold Love (Acts 2:24).  Death could not hold God.  Therefore death could not hold Christ, for he is God.  And He rose.  He spewed up out of the mouth of darkness as death itself was defeated.  And now we have options.  We can choose to let Love in, or we can reject Love and surrender to death.  It has been bestowed on us, the option to live or not to live.  It takes none of our own efforts to receive Love, just our words.  Powerful words.  It takes the surrender of your mouth to utter the words to death, to say that it cannot have you because you accept LOVE instead.  It does not hurt to speak those words, they are painless.  But death seeks to keep you, for you are a tasty morsel to savor.  His teeth are sharp and painful.  Death lies in shadow and hides from the Light, his only power is lies.  Death wants you to think you don't need Love, that Love can do nothing for you, and even that Love has caused your pain.  For if you really know the power of Love...if you really know that you only need Love to escape death, then death has lost its power.  There is nothing death hates more than loss of power.  Make no mistake about it, death seeks to eat you up and chew each bit of flesh slowly with its sharp jagged teeth.  Death, which we recall as absence of Love, cares nothing for you.  Death hates you.  But death is selfish and wants to keep you from Love, because death HATES LOVE.  Do you see it?  Do you see why?  Can you understand the pattern?  Death hates Love just as death hates you.  Death wants to strip you from the hands of Love so that there is less Love.  Where there is less Love there is more death.  And death cares only for itself.

But Love is perfect.  Love is The Truth (John 14:6).  The Truth will set you free (John 8:32).  Christ will set you free (Galatians 5:1).  It is unmasked and plain for you to see if you will simply strip death of its power by accepting Love.  Speak to death and announce it as a liar.  Exposing death is to shine Light on the lie.  Darkness cannot exist in Light (1 John 1:5). Darkness cannot exist in God.  Where Light goes, along with it comes Love.  God is Light (1John 1:5).  God is Love (1 John 4:8).  Love covers all sins (Proverbs 10:12).  God covers all sins.  So, we see how God can be Just, yet we can be free of sin, which is death.  God is Just because He requires retribution for sins, but we are covered because Love (God) covers all sins.  You admit that you are not perfect.  Admit that you need love.  ACCEPT LOVE.  For Love is waiting for your acceptance.  And Love has the power to transform (Romans 12:2).  And when you truly and fully accept Love, you WILL be transformed.