Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Break from My Break for a Boy

I want you to meet Tanner.  He is a three year old little boy that I just met on Reece's Rainbow.

Everybody say, "Hi Tanner!"

So, yes.  I am off the internet...but there are exceptions because rules can mess things up if we don't view them for the intent of the "rule" instead of just seeing them as law.  Tanner is worth the exception.  Am I right?

Today Smiles and I went to a birthday party.  It was a party for a little guy who has an older brother and lots of family, so when I asked his mother what to get him, she just told me that he doesn't need anything and has everything that he needs.  Well, I understand how she feels, because I get so tired of adding to the stuff we have in our house, stuff that the kids don't often play with.  BUT, and I am sure you all hear me on this, I can't just bring nothing to the kid.  It's just not right.  So, I told her I would figure something out.  Now, as I thought about it, I decided that we would check Reece's Rainbow and try to find the right child to give a gift to in little dude's honor.

I went online and quickly decided to look for a child with a birthdate close to his, and this little guy is two days before our birthday boy, October 14th.  When I saw his little face I fell for it and that sly little dimple and I knew that he was our kid.  We chose, we donated, we moved on.  Or so I thought.

But friends, this little guy has no money in his grant fund yet and, well, that's not good enough.  Our donation (which will change the zero once it shows up) is not enough.  My heart smiles to see this little smile with it's precious dimple.  He needs us to raise up some funding for his family.  For that matter, he needs a family.  I can't just let his face become another face.  I know too well what joy a forgotten child can bring to a home and I can't just stop at my financial ability.  This is where you come in.

God has a family for Tanner.  We know from experience that the power of these little keys we use so often is great.  The reach of our passion is limitless when it is matched with the will of God.  Is it God's will that Tanner find a family?  I have no doubt.  Lets do this again friends.  It's not about pity, it's not about finding a family willing to sacrifice for a child to find a home.  This is about letting the word flow so that Tanner's family can find him.  Tanner's family is out there.  They are here at our fingertips, we just have to type a message out and leave it on the counter for them to see.  If we don't spread the word, we are holding out on THEM.

If my child was missing, I would want any and all people who saw him to report it, to let it be made known that they saw him so that I could follow the trail to find him.  Tanner's is found!  Now we just have to reach his family to let them know that we have found their missing son so that they can fight for him, so that they can go and GET him.  Yes, they will save him from a terrible situation.  Yes, this rescue mission will be an exhausting process at times.  BUT, it is not one to be thought of as selfless sacrifice for a stray child.  Tanner is worth it.  Tanner is part of their family and his family is also LOST without him.  His family is incomplete, and the longer we wait to help them find him, the longer the time they are stuck apart, waiting to be united.

Smiles sang with his Daddy and I tonight, "I once was lost, but now am found.  Was blind, but now I see."  Amazing grace.

Lord, I admire you.  You change me.  I used to be blind, my eyes were closed to your ways, your will, and your love.  I was blind to the possible by a belief of the impossible.  Now I see.  I see the boundaries between possible and impossible do not exist.  You are sincere and unstoppable in your pursuit of your children.  I have been freely pursued by my Forever Father, so I will freely be a conduit for connecting this family as you have asked.

By now, you know the drill friends.  What do you do?

-Spread the word, Tanner has been found
-Pray for him and his family, that they would be connected soon
-Help raise his funds for his family's rescue mission.  They WILL find a way, you can ease their burden so that their hearts can be focused on their son.
-Spread the word about raising funds for his rescue

Just in case you don't know how to donate to Tanner's fund:
Go here.  Click on the donate button.  Specify that your donation is for Tanner in orphanage 17.  All of your money goes straight to Tanner's adoption.

Thank you friends.  I miss you all, and let me tell you, God is doing some big things around here and I am excited to share with you eventually.  Right now is not yet the time, but I'm excited for when I DO get to share more of our lives with you again.  Currently things are in an interesting, "I don't know what is going to be right around the curve..." phase.  I am happy to be obedient and stay off the internet for now.  It's been really good for our family at this moment in time.  I might be back to advocate a little for Mr. Tanner here, and I'll update you if I get any news on him.  Just know that you may be far more likely to know what is going on before I know, since I won't be around that much to check on him.