Thursday, February 5, 2009

Visit in Photos

As you can see by his face, Smiles is excited to let you know about his visit with Aunt Meatloaf. (Clarification, Aunt Meatloaf has been friends with Mommy since 3rd grade. Not actually an aunt, we have a lot of those and wouldn't want you to get confused.)

First we enjoyed a dinner of pancakes and sausage with choke cherry syrup (actually just Mommy ate that, but thanks again Gramps and GG for that). It was an eventful dinner due to the crazy showing off of Curly and the addition of Handsome to the meal mid-way through. Then Smiles took a bath, followed by Curly. Here you see Aunt Meatloaf snuggling Smiles after she did her first baby dressing.
He is just now squirming tons while getting dressed, so if you ask me, she got him at the worst stage for dressing. When they wiggle all over, but you can't tell them not to cause it's like telling a cat to do something. With less attitude of course.

Then came reading with Curly. I bet you are wondering what this picture shows. Well, I am not sure that I should tell you...since I don't like to keep secrets, Curly passed a little wind on Auntie and thought it was really funny. I am sure it didn't help that Daddy is over there to the right laughing at her!

And this is the last shot of the two of them for the night. This is the first time that she has not been too shy around Aunt Meatloaf. She is not a kid that likes to visit with you unless she sees you VERY often. She seems to be growing out of that a little.

*S has been blessed with the nickname Meatloaf due to it's history as her camp name when we were counselors together one summer. To be fair in humiliation my camp name was Martian. WE WILL NOT be going into the stories behind those names. At least not right now...I don't like to keep secrets, but some things we just don't have time for. *wink*


Bronwyn said...

Smiles is getting SO big! Crazy. It's been awhile. How have you and those ultra adorable children been?

Mom (Lisa) said...

I must say, Auntie meatloaf is looking georgous! I miss her and am glad to see she and Curly are enjoying each other. Smiles seems to like her a lot too.
Hug me some Meatloaf next time she comes over! (Everbody loves Meatloaf)

Handsome said...

Secrets? How dare you!

Curly did have a lot of fun although she didn't go to sleep until 9 or so since she was kept awake by two giggling girls. That's REALLY late for the kids in our family if you are wondering. :)