Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a wonderful distraction rice can be. It's been a great thing for me anyway. This is our new toy that I made with some of the cheapest rice I could find at the grocery store.

She will play for quite awhile in the rice. After it gets a little old, I plan on coloring it. A friend told me that if you mix food coloring with vinegar and color the rice, then let it dry fully, it won't get color on their hands and is bright and fun. So, that's our plan. Play with it white until we get bored and then add a little color to spice it up.

Good stuff.

I don't know. (The answer to your question of why her face looks like she is going to attack me with rice.)

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Vicky said...

Fun times! I like the idea of coloring it AFTER she gets bored with white. Knowing your girl, if you do 3-4 colors and then mix the grains together, she'll be entertained for days just sorting it out... hehehehe :)

I love the last picture :)