Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Your Purse, We're Going Shopping!

That's right ladies, today was the day! Handsome and I got up this morning and took a trip to a very special place. Can you guess where that was? That's right! We got to go shopping in the brand new Target located in South Hill/Graham. I think I'm in love, no joke. My wonderful husband thinks that I am off my rocker and refused to take a picture of me outside of the store, so all you get is a picture of the building. Just to clear things up, today was the silent opening, the grand opening is still on the 12, this Sunday. I would suggest taking a stroll before then to check it out. There was hardly anyone in the store and Curly got to drive the cart and walk way farther ahead of us than she will ever be allowed in the future.

I warned you ahead of time, in my very first post to be specific, that I shamelessly promote Target. How could I not. It's a store that I feel passionate about, and that is not a joking matter. I love how well they treat their employees, that they are an amazing community supporter with much of their profits donated regularly, and they have affordable merchandise. There is that other store...we won't name it...that also has low prices, lower than Target, but they do so at the cost of treating people with dignity and respect. I want to have low prices, but will spend a couple pennies more for quality and peace of mind knowing that my budget saver doesn't cost anyone else something.

As we pulled up in the parking lot I was like a little girl, full of childish excitement. I have waited for this day for a long time! I will not have to make the tough decision to either drive all the way to the South Hill mall, or go to WalMart for something that I need in a rush. I can just go to my store of choice in a nearby location. It may seem silly, but it's the little things that brighten my day. Yes, I had once wished that my Handsome would get to work at that store so that his commute would shrink from an audio book filled drive of an hour and a half to a short 10 or 15 minutes. He is quickly going to run out of books in his favorite genre at the library and have to move onto something that he would otherwise never listen to. But, I have become more comfortable with the realization that God probably has other plans for us. It's something that I have been getting more and more peace about and I am no longer fighting His choice there. I will be happy with the location God has in store and I know that He has a purpose for me there.

I swear, this is one tricked out Target. I felt like Dorthy walking into the Emerald City. They have so much stuff in that store, including a rather larger grocery section, sorry guys- no produce. They have a fancy food avenue with Pizza Hut, as well as a cozy little Starbucks. The carts are new plastic ones without the metal. They look awesome, and they ride so smoothly. I understand that some of that is the newness, but let me have my moment. I even checked out the baby changing station. By the way, the bathrooms are beautiful. (With a two year old and a baby one can never forget to check out this destination. I am sure to visit frequently, it will remember my face and sigh...). Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I loved it, every moment. We took a long time and glanced at all the things they have to offer, had a little lunch and left for home.

So, I am letting you in on the little secret that I know because of my handsome red and khaki man. Get your purses ladies, because you only have four more days until our little secret is overrun with guests! (Guys are welcome too.)


Keren said...

Thanks for the inside scoop!! Do you think Tom could hook us up with a Target in Orting? :) forgot to mention how Target has the CUTEST little girl clothes!!

*Instead of a pic of you in front of the store, you could always just add a Target Logo to the top of the post :) Alicia and I missed you today!

Vicky said...


Why didn't you tell me earlier? I JUST drove right by it! :(

I am so going to go check it out. I love Target!!!!!

Vicky said...

Oh, and I totally would have taken your picture in front of Target if I'd been with you. Did you try to take a self-portrait?

NaeLee said...

I didn't know that you could go in early! I am very excited about the store opening as well. I have been counting down the days for months!!

Katherine Laine said...

Looks like I'm going for a LONG walk tomorrow! Sweetness!

Lisa (Mom) said...

And I remember when there was not even a single target in the whole Puget Sound area. (sigh) Progress is good!