Monday, October 6, 2008

Maturity Level Questionable

If you are a mother you will understand that there are special moments in life that you aren't proud of, where your little angels are driving you crazy and you reach that point where you are no longer sad for the little boo boo face that is crying about something that makes no sense and you just think the kid needs to get over it. You have been out of the land of adults so often lately that you, for a moment, forget that you are an adult and become a child as well.

Today I was there.

We were driving home from my mom's house because my printer had run out of ink and I needed to print something for MOPS tomorrow. I wasn't going to spend the same amount of money for ink refills as it would cost to buy the same printer again (actually the ink was a little more expensive). This printer had reviews saying that it "drinks ink like a cat drinks milk" as Handsome found. So, getting back to the story, I was on my way home and Smiles had just been fed, diaper changed, burped, and all that good stuff. He just needed to sleep, which he had only done for a short time. He just started doing the car cry. You know, where they just don't want to be in the car and they want you to actually HOLD the stinking binky in their mouth for them while they cry through the darn thing in the process! Well, we were almost home when I just gave up because my arm was starting to loose feeling and muffling the cry was no longer worth the pain. I decided to let him cry his little head off for the less than a mile drive we had until we reached the haven of the garage. Crying, crying, crying from the back seat. Goodness I wish he would stop, in my head. Crying, crying, crying from the back seat. Crying, crying, crying from the front seat. Yes, that was the front seat folks. I was mocking my child. Hello Mommy! The kid is two months old. He cries to tell me that he needs something, I know. But for that moment I just lost myself enough in the "world of children" that I fake cried at him.

We finally reach the garage. I get out and help Curly out of her car seat. As we are walking over to the other side of the car she looks up at me and brings me back to reality. (Yes, it took my two year old being over my maturity level.)"He has tears Momma." I wish you could hear her tone. It was like, you know Mom, he really is upset. You are just faking and that isn't nice.

So, for future reference, tears = real crying.

(And yes, I did take a picture of my screaming baby before comforting for the integrity of the blog...he was fine.)


Keren said...

hehe I know all too well what you're saying first Norah would cry the whole way down the "OK" hwy until we got was painful to hear at first, because newborn cries are so sad!! Quickly we realized she was fine and just doesnt like her carseat (unlike Jake who loved it), we just have to let her cry it out when Im on the road, it sucks but when her pacificer is all the way down by her feet, I just cant risk getting into an accident by trying to grab it...Im hoping she will soon learn to enjoy the car ride!! Im so glad we can share these Mommy moments together :)

Vicky said...

Alexis is such a sweet big sister! Always looking out for her Benny. It's too bad her arms aren't a bit longer... then she could hold the binky in.

NaeLee said...

I LOVE your honesty. Makes me feel normal for having my own not so mature moments! =0)