Saturday, October 18, 2008


I think my two year old has been seeing too many environmentalist commercials. The latest thing for her is water conservation. She has a little bubbles bottle (very small) that she got at her friend M's birthday party. Grandma and Papa started this thing with her where she gets to use bubbles in the tub and that is it, so when she asked to have them in the tub we allowed her to. The bottle has long been empty, but after each bath she will insist upon saving it full of water from her tub. As the water starts to drain she will quickly grab the bottle up and say, "SAVE! SAVE!" I once tried to say no and you would have thought I cut her right arm off or something with tears that followed. She was quite upset.

Two year old logic is a funny thing because she will empty the bottle into the tub each time she has another bath and then at the end of the bath fill it up again. She isn't saving any water by doing this and the size of the bottle is so small that even if she were it wouldn't do much good. As long as she thinks she is doing her part I guess...

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