Saturday, October 25, 2008


I actually got to be productive least a little productive. I finally shifted some things in Ben's room so that he now has two walls instead of just one. I suppose that you could say he has one full wall and two half walls, but I just added the total space together which adds up to two full walls. How nice of his mother to share more of his room with him.

You know, I am not sure what I was thinking when I planned to share my craft room with him. It is the only space in our house for both of those things (him and my how I refer to him as a thing there). I thought, "I will be able to do my card making/scrapbooking when he is sleeping." Where the thought process ended was with the actual logistics of things. When he is sleeping...he will be in his bed! The only time he uses his room is to sleep. The only time I am not with him is when he is sleeping, at least at this age. When will I be able to use my craft room again? Probably when we move to our next house. When will that be? Not sure. Probably in the spring or summer. Until that point- if you know me, you are just going to have to deal with store bought cards for awhile. That's all there is to it.

I am such a great planner when I am pregnant! *wink*

I also had a little video planned, but I couldn't get it to load up at all. I tried three times, so just get to hear about my day.


Vicky said...

Ya know, as your friend, I should have come to that conclusion for you as well... but I never thought about it until now. Maybe I just assumed you would pull out what you needed before he went to sleep??? I dunno.

You definitely made progress in there, and it's looking good :)

PS-- my "word verification" is UNNEWD. I thought it was really funny!!!

Lisa (Mom) said...

Maybe you are so productive BECAUSE Ben is sleeping when he is supposed to be sleeping. Hence...You are sleeping when you are supposed to be sleeping
Now, If Alexis was sleeping when she is supposed to be sleeping...Would you have time to do 3 loads of my laundry too?
seriously though I'm really glad you're getting past the sleep-deprived stage of Ben's infancy...everyone is all smiles!