Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Feel Like a Mommy Tonight

My favorite photo of the day. It just makes me laugh.

What a day.

We woke up and started getting ready for my Dad's wedding. I know it's crazy that I started that early since the wedding was at 1pm, but when you have two little ones the world is very unpredictable. Handsome had a late night of closing, both my kids were up ALL night long because they had runny noses. My sister was asleep on the couch in order to help me today with the kids, taking my normal night time feeding grounds and causing me to have to use the bedroom. Smiles is a loud eater in the middle of the night, so Handsome was kept awake during that time too. It was a rough night.

Mad rushing began to take place at about 11:45am. Taylor, previously mentioned sister who has the same mother but different father, needed to shave her legs. She ran the tub. Curly followed. I was busy with Smiles and Handsome was getting himself ready, so we weren't going to fight her on that. From the bathroom I hear, "Taylor, yous shavin yous beards off yours legs Taylor!" with an extremely high pitched shriek of glee that only mother's of daughters fully know. Oh my...that's my daughter. I smiled and laughed just a little. She sure can make you smile in moments of craziness. We continued to get ready and actually made it out the door in a timely fashion.

I will probably talk about the wedding another time, perhaps tomorrow. I have had a crazy day and would have too much to talk about tonight.

We then went to take Taylor home. Curly and Smiles' cousin Aubrey was supposed to be coming to Grandma and Papa's house, so we were going to stay for a bit so that she could see her. Curly loves Aubrey and always wants to see her. I am not so sure that Aubrey cares that much about Curly yet, but she is still young. I am sure one day they will have lots of fun together. We stayed for dinner because Aubrey was getting there around dinner time. They had a little play time and we were out the door on our way home for a late bedtime after a no nap day. I am prepared for a cranky girl tomorrow.

We drove home and Smiles, who slept most of the time at Grandma and Papa's house, decided that he wanted to scream in the car again. We did fine, he waited until we were pretty close to home and I didn't have to cry back at him this time. I got the kids inside and tried to get Curly ready for bed quickly. It took a few minutes longer than I had wanted it to, but it always does. Finally I was left with getting Smiles down to bed and then I would have a couple minutes to collect myself. He wouldn't go down without a fight. This was going to go until the bitter end, I could tell. So, I am walking the house with him trying to bounce his little self and pat his little booty when I hear Curly in the other room. She is cough/choking...oh no...that is the sound she makes right before she pukes. I know that sound well because she gets very car sick (at the worst times I might add) and she usually makes that sound right before she throws up big time. I set Smiles down in the middle of my bed and rush in to help her. I hear it start as I was rushing to her. Cry, cry, cry...pause...sound of ick happening...breath...cry, cry, cry...pause...sound of ick again...deeper breath with choking sound...cry, cry, cry. My poor girl. These are the moments that we dread as mothers. It's not the mess, but the fact that they are feeling so awful and you can't do anything to make it stop. Yes, it's part of life, but it's still hard on a mother.

We get her to the bathroom and undress her. I run the bath. I get her started and run to the bedroom to take the crying Smiles to his swing in hopes that he will calm down. I get back to her and clean her up then let her sit for a moment in the water while I rush her things to the washer. Hmmm...ummm...where are the sheets for her bed? No sheets! She wet through her diaper last night and the sheets didn't get clean yet because of my day. Lucky us, we have two kids now, so we just used one of Smiles' which I had to talk her into using. She is very particular as it is, but especially when she is sick.

I got her in bed and then had to try and get the swinging Smiles to bed as well. He has so much snot that I swear the kid could be in Guinness! He isn't very happy about being let go of right now, but he will have to deal. Once I finally got him into bed I realized that I had told someone at church that I would cover snacks for her tomorrow. I said I would make scones and was planning on doing it tonight. My daughter is sick and throwing up with a low fever. My son is sick. My husband is closing tonight and then has to open tomorrow morning and will basically just sleep here tonight. I am not sure what I want to do. Handsome can pick something up on the way home, but I will have to try and get the kids out the door in time to drop something off at church and my sickie might still be not doing so well. Oh goodness.

What a day.

All that I have to say is this, I know that I would normally be stressed beyond all reason tonight, but for some reason I am not. My mind is at peace with the fact that I am Mommy. I was running around the house in all directions, especially a few minutes ago, and I am sure that I will be up a lot tonight. I am all by myself with no help because Handsome is working. That leaves two of them and one of me, but I am soaking it in tonight. I am loving this moment of being Mommy and I will remember and treasure it because this, my friends, is a snapshot of love.


Vicky said...

I loved the last paragraph. As you know, even on your toughest days I'd still trade you jobs in a heartbeat. :)

The "Taylor, yous shavin yous beards off yours legs Taylor!" made me laugh so hard! Oh my, she is a funny girl! I also love that she begins and ends her sentences with your name.

The photo at the top made me laugh too. Cute jeans, Alexis!

I'm sorry the kids are sick! Did you try to give Alexis one of Ben's fleece sheets? Because I want sheets like that, so you'd think she'd be happy to get to sleep on them!

One more thing on my long and random comment... I noticed you put a link in-- way to go!

Your a wonderful mama! (thought you might need to hear that in the middle of the night tonight) :)

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Sheets- actually I ended up with his normal cotton sheet because one of the soft ones is on his bed and the other is in the portable crib...also for him.

Yes, that picture might have something to do with the fact that I am in a good mood. She looks like she is ready to attack!

And I loved the Taylor situation as well. My little girl never gives me a day with out a laugh.

J. R. Miller said...

We prayed for your whole family today during the service. Get some rest and get well :-)

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Thank you. We always appreciate a prayer.