Friday, October 3, 2008

The Illusive Breakfast Sandwich

For weeks now I have really been wanting a sausage egg and cheese biscuit from McDonald's. It's not food that I usually eat, but I haven't been able to get my mind off the enchanting image of my blessed breakfast sandwich. Finally, after being obsessed but unable to get out of the house in time for the breakfast menu (give me a break here, I have two small children and won't go out without a shower) I was going out with my husband to buy some jeans that fit. We stopped at the death trap they call a restaurant and since the drive through was busy I stayed in the car and sent Handsome in to get our breakfast. I was very specific. I want sausage, egg, and cheese. After waiting for quite some time and feeling that we should have gone through the drive through he came out with a glow surrounding him. My night in shining armor! He had rescued my beloved breakfast from the stomach of another lover. I swear music was playing in my head, like the sound of a thousand angels singing overjoyed. I thanked him and trying not too look silly be being overly eager I gently grabbed my meal and slowly opened it with anticipation only to find that it was an Egg McMuffin! If you are not familiar with the ingredients of an Egg McMuffin, it's an english muffin, egg, cheese, and canadian bacon. NOT what I had been dreaming of for weeks. My head hung with disappointment I ate the less desirable sandwich in order to fill my hunger.

A week and a half later I have to be at a doctor's appointment for Smiles at 9:15 in the morning. Early, but the pay off was sweet! I would get to purchase my dream biscuit this time. I was the orderer and I would know exactly what I want. There would be no hanging of my head today, I would bless my taste buds with their delicious desire. We were at the doctor for awhile and the appointment went a little long, but I still had time to make it to my destiny. We walk up the appointment desk to put our next appointment in the books. There is a lady in front of us, which is fine, making an appointment is not that hard and it doesn't take long. The doctor she wants to see is all booked up until after she is hoping for an appointment. They are just getting shots, pick another doc lady! She proceeds to tell the appointment maker that it's the doctor that she really wants to see because he has done so much for them over the years and ....blah, blah, blah. Sweat beads start to form- I NEED to get out of here. I NEED my sausage egg and cheese biscuit lady! I finally go out to the front and kindly ask if we can schedule with her. She says yes and gets her computer to the screen necessary. "When do you need to schedule for?" she asks, "Two months from now." I tell her. "Oh, we actually can't schedule out that far yet. You can schedule in about a week." Ahhh, what a waste of precious time! I quickly get the kids out to the car an start driving. It's gonna be close, but I think we can make it. We get to McDonald's with minutes to spare. I go to order and there is just one guy in front of me. What is the commotion about? They are asking someone about something behind the register back with the food. I hear "I'm sorry sir. We just stopped serving breakfast." NOOOOOOOOO! My plans were thwarted yet again! I was left in despair with no food in hand. I did not want a burger, I was there with the purpose to fulfill my dream and stop the obsession that had taken over my life! What was I to do but walk away.

This morning I woke up with my husband beside me and thought, he has the day off. I can finally get my food. We talked and decided that he would take Curly to get the sandwich (he can shower faster than I can and I didn't want to miss my window) and I would stay with the sleeping Smiles. I told him to MAKE SURE you ask for sausage egg and cheese. Don't call it by a name, just ask for sausage egg and cheese. He knew how important this was to me, so he assured me that he would come home with my prize. I lay on the bed with my sleeping baby thinking how comforting it was to know that I would finally get my breakfast sandwich. They came in the door, through to the kitchen. I waited with Ben because I didn't want to wake him, so they started to eat without me. "Ohhh." I hear from Handsome. What? What? Did it fall on the floor? I will eat it anyway. Nothing shall stop me today! I ask him what is wrong with fear of what I would hear. He pauses...They gave him bacon egg and cheese. BACON, EGG, and CHEESE!!! What the heck! Now I was supposed to eat something that barely had meat on it at all instead of filling my deep desire!?! I had to hold back tears. Seriously. I know, it's sad- I'm a grown woman wanting to cry over a breakfast sandwich. I'll blame it on the hormones from Smiles.

Now I am in turmoil. I don't know who is out to get me, but someone is. I am contemplating giving up on my dream, the disappointment is too unbearable and if I got my hopes up again I don't know if I could survive another loss. To hope, or not to hope? That is my question.


Vicky said...

"They are just getting shots, pick another doc lady!"

I thought this was sorta ironic, considering how you are feeling about shots right now.

You should post about Ben's shot story. For posterity sake.

NaeLee said...

Hi Amberlyn! I just found your blog and was so so entertained reading about your little sandwich. I know how serious these things can be! I once had a thing with Coke Slurpees. And an even longer story about the machine ALWAYS being on defrost when I could finally get to a 7-11 to get one!!! I feel your pain! =0)

I hope that you're doing well. Benjamin is such beautiful baby, and I cannot believe how big Alexis is getting. She looks like a little woman!