Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Stinky Mess

What do I say right now? I am trying not to rip each hair from my horse main of a head one by one and then wrench them into gritty clenchy balls of matted yuckiness right now. (I think I might have made up a word or two there.) Blogging about it is my attempt at temporary sanity, an attempt to calm myself...it's really no big deal, right?

So, calmly- I haven't had much sleep for a couple of nights. You may know that already since I have been talking about how the kids have been sick and not letting me sleep. I decided to take a nap today. Smiles wanted to be held when Curly went down, so I took him in with me and had him lay next to me. We were asleep for a bit when Curly shows up right in my face, always kind of creepy actually. I told her, since I could tell she hadn't taken a nap yet, that she needed to go play in her room very quietly. That is another frustrating thing right now, but I don't really need to talk about at the moment. She has always been such a good sleeper and is having real trouble getting naps in the past week or a little more. It's killing me.

On with the story, she is playing in her room just fine and I am not capable of being frustrated by her lack of nap because I am sleeping. It didn't take long for me to get to the land of dreams today. We will cut to the chase- she comes in to me and tells me that she has a stinky pants (not in those words, I will spare you). I tell her to go into the bathroom and wait for Mommy. I had to get Smiles situated with out me and hope that he stayed asleep. When I arrived on the scene, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature child with a giant poo mess everywhere! She had tried to attempt doing the job that would have taken me just a minute had she contained it, herself. I should be thinking that it was sweet of her to try and help or something, but that isn't the reality of where my mind is. I despise that part of preschool learning, the potty training messes. I can deal with it when it's contained, not my favorite thing, but I can deal. This is NOT the same. This is not contained. This is on her hands and all over her body. This is infuriating, disgusting, and overwhelming all at the same time. I am sure that anyone reading this is going to be at least slightly giggling at my current situation, and I forgive you because I would probably do it too. I am sure that I will get past it and actually after writing it all down I feel a bit better already. Thanks guys.

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Vicky said...

Oh Amber, I'm so sorry! This is awful!!!

(although, honestly, my first thought before I got to the end was that you discovered her in her room with this same kind of mess all over... so at least she was in the bathroom).

Hope the rest of the afternoon went better!