Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maris Farms

It's pumpkin patch time again folks. Yesterday we took Curly (and Smiles) out to Maris Farms. This year was a lot more fun because she was old enough to do all the fun things that are available to do. Previously we searched for pumpkins and looked at the animals and that was about all she was interested in or could do.

We woke up Saturday morning and were talking about what we wanted to do that day and Handsome had the idea to do the pumpkin patch. Since his schedule has been a little random recently, it was a good time to do it. The forecast had rain, but we figured we would chance it and go anyway. We called Vicky and invited her to come with us, then headed off to go get boots before we met her for our adventure.

First Daddy and Curly played with the ducks in the duck racer. You use an old fashioned water pump to try and get your ducks to go the fastest down the track. We found out later that they picked the side with the pumps that were really hard to pump and the other side was a lot easier. I guess that they wanted to build their muscles up.

Then she got her face painted with a pumpkin on it. She always says that she is "Mommy's pumpkin girl" and won't be called anything else, so it was the natural choice. Here she is concentrating on holding still and I am very surprised that she allowed a stranger to paint her face. She is usually quite shy.

They had tractors that you could ride like a bike. She loves bikes and tractors, so it was double fun!

Then it was what I would call her favorite part. The room of dry corn! She loved playing in the dry corn and stayed for a long time in there!

On to the pony ride. That - she wasn't so sure about. She liked it, but had to have Daddy with her the whole time. At the end we had him move so that we could get a picture of just her and the pony and none of those had a grin.

She then found a puddle and had to splash in it. After the damage had been done we decided to allow her to just go for it and get super messy. If we had to have her ride home pantsless in the car seat, why not go all the way! She had lots of fun in the mud, almost made me wish we had somewhere at home that was muddy for her to play...almost.

Finally we got to the search for the perfect pumpkin. Where could the lucky pumpkin be?

This is the pumpkin they found for Daddy. The rule is that you can get any pumpkin from the patch, as long as you can carry it to the car all by yourself. (This was adopted from Cheryl I do believe. She or her daughter Brooke told me about it and I thought it was a great idea!) Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to find a pumpkin in the field that she could carry by herself, so we had to break the rule a little this year. Smiles has a super tiny pumpkin too. (They gave it to Curly to hold still for a picture, but we will call it his.)

I would call the day a success. It may have rained and been very windy, but she got to have fun and get messy in the mud. What more could a kid ask for?


Vicky said...

Thanks again for inviting me! I had soooooo much fun!!!!

Katherine Laine said...

Very fun day! This is the type of adventure that I wouldn't have thought. I guess you have to be a parent to think of it!

Suzie said...

That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to have kids to do stuff like that with!