Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet the Family: Burger (Late)

It's better late than never, right? Sorry I am a day late on the Meet the Family post, Handsome and I have had some things come up and are now dealing with searching for a new car.

Yes, you can pray for us in that area if you like. We sure could use it.

Now, meet Burger.

Burger is my Mom. She got the name from Curly when she was a wee lass. Curly couldn’t say Grandma, so it just came out as Bur-cure, then it became Burger. She still sometimes refers to my mom as Grandma Burger. That’s just for fun.

I started off putting Burger and Chalupa (my extra Dad), but then I realized that I have way too much for just one post. We will have to separate them for now. Just know that Burger goes with Chalupa. If it helps, they both have food names.

It all started 26 years ago. My Mama and Daddy were poor folks with a wee babe called, ME! She of course fell in love with me and I have been her favorite since.

End of post.

…okay, not true. She fell in love with many more after me. I just got to be the first.

Anyway, Burger is pretty cool. (I’m sorry, I just can’t keep up with the Burger thing. She is Mom to me and that’s not giving of any information. You can take it, right? Mom is just going to have to work.) Mom has lots of talents, and lots of quirks. I won’t air a lot of her quirks on my blog, but I might tease you with one or two Ma =). It’s my job!

Mom is awesome at baking. She can cook up some really tasty stuff in the kitchen and even makes up some of her own recipes. In fact, I have been meaning to ask…do you all like recipes on blogs? I never read them because I have plenty of things to cook and I don’t like to add too many because it makes my head hurt. If you would be interested I can let Mom do some guest posts about cooking and baking. She will rock your kitchen! You gotta try her Cranberry Orange scones. She made up the recipe. She knows how to cook on a budget too.

We have some healthy recipes in the mix that I think you're gonna love.

This lady is all things old fashioned. She sews, knits, and bakes. She likes to learn how to do some weird stuff too. One thing she was recently thinking about learning is the art of cheese making. I’ll be honest, I thought that was a little gross at first, but then the idea grew on me. We will see if she gets into it or not.

(This post was written and then I found out that Spike went missing. This is a photo that is similar, but not as cute as our beloved friend. Should you seen him roaming...perhaps in binky land...please give us his whereabouts. I promise to change the picture once he is located.)

Check out this awesome hedgehog that she knit for Smiles! We were in a little shop in Tacoma when I was pregnant with him and when we saw the sample of this pattern we both fell in love with it.

One of the coolest things about my Mom is that she was a single mom for so many years and still did a great job of raising us. I have some great memories of growing up with our family. She was, and is still pretty silly and enjoys being goofy with us. I think we are rubbing off on Chalupa too. He was a little more well mannered when we got ahold of him, but he is growing in his goofy ways. I think it’s a shame to be too serious with life.

Let’s give you some quirks. Mom is a computer Ditz. She had to call Handsome every time she wanted to attach something in an e-mail for the longest time. He finally made a folder with instructions for her to read each time she wanted to attach something. She then proceeded to call him to find out how to get into the file. Mom, I love ya, but you really are sad when it comes to the computer. It’s painful for me to watch her type. Oh. My. Goodness.

It hurts.

(You knew I had to throw one of those in there didn't you? I don't know where the recent obsession with black and white/color mixes comes from. You can handle it. It makes me happy.)

Also, when I was little (sorry if you are hiding in shame after this Mom...he he he), she always had this thing about baking. When she uses measuring cups, she doesn't wash them. She just throws them back in the drawer, flour and all. It used to drive me nutso! That was when I had OCD. Now I have children and flour on measuring cups is the least of my worries.

Lastly, I just had this one pop in my head, I also grew up thinking that Ziploc bags were extremely expensive. When I moved into my first apartment with Brie she said something about sandwich bags, I think I had asked if she needed anything at the store or something. I remember thinking that was crazy. I wasn't gonna buy no stinking Ziploc bags! Those are pricey little guys! When I got to the store, I looked at them and found out that they were actually not all that expensive at all. In my head I was thinking they had to be like $10 a box or something. Mom, where did you teach me that? Am I making up memories of you washing them out? Because I am pretty sure I remember them drying while hanging over the spray nozzle that is on the sink...

Now, those might be weird things, but she is still a great Mommy. I just had to let you laugh with me about her too. I am pretty sure she is laughing at herself as well.


Vicky said...

MMMMMMM, Burger's Cranberry Orange Scones are soooo good! Maybe she should make up a batch for Curly's birthday....

Burger's so great! And I'd say she did a wonderful job raising her favorite child :)

Mom (Lisa) said...

You have elevated my KitchenAid to it's proper honorable heights with the w/b color thing!(insert heavenly chorus) There are two "things" that I love most, my KithcenAid and my living room. They count for nothing next to the people I love...but as "things" go, they just can't be beat. (My juicer is my new fovorite thing though.)

I will have you know young lady...that freezer bags not just any old ziplock bags are something I have indeed washed out and reused. When you live on the income from delivering papers while raising 3 kids you save everything you can including freezer bags.

Computer ditz...Guilty!

You are my favorite child when I am with you and everyone else is my favorite when I am with them. But your firstborn is always your firstborn and nobody can take that away from us!

Your Mom thinks you are AWSOME!

BTW I sign my comments with my given need to keep it a secret.

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

The first time I met Lisa she was sitting on the floor with a mile high stack of wedding books. That was spooky indeed. :)

I got over that quickly though and became a fixture at their home and she welcomed me with her loving heart. And now of course I am married to her oldest daughter and happy to be a part of the family.

As for Lisa's cooking...Wow! I love it! I could eat there every day for years and not get bored. From breakfast to dinner and desert, it is all amazing. And yes, those scones are something. She even makes normal biscuits taste amazing! Luckily she passed off some of this amazing talent to her children and at least 3 of them are great cooks according to me. I have burnt sugar water, so if you knew that prior you might be worried, but they really can cook! :)

I couldn't ask for a better second mother. Lisa has been there through a lot of rough times and through a lot of great times. She has always been someone I know I can talk to about anything and everything if I wanted to.

Children, including her own and Curly and Smiles of course, all adore her and light up when she is around. I will be the first to admit I didn't enjoy when daycare was happening at the house, but I did enjoy seeing Lisa and the kids interact on that special level. She is great with Curly and Smiles and they absolutely adore her for obvious reasons!

Oh and the computer thing...yes its true. I am always there to help though, whether its the 1st time...or 20th time. :p

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Thank you for your "guest post" honey. Though if you want to do that it's usually easier NOT to do it in the comments =).

Vicky said...

Tom's comment was so sweet (albeit, lengthy...).

Also, I now want a kitchenaid even more. Of course, it would make sense that I wait until I have a kitchen of my own to use it in (it would not be practical at the moment). But someday, when I get married, that will be the #1 priority on my registry!

Brie said...

I am a bit disappointed that I seem to be the only one to not have had these scones!! I have to say she brought me stuffed pork chops when I was on bedrest that were amazing!! Great cook!!

Lisa is an amazing person to know!She has been a part of many of my BIG events in life. Children, wedding, and death. She always says and does just the right things. I remember her helping me through my nerves at my wedding, I actually have a great pic of it.

She is such a special lady. I love you Lisa!! Thank you for everything you have done for me too!!

Mom (Lisa) said...

To BF&SF AKA Handsome,
I will gladly send you some "kitchen Love" for all the nice things you said in your comment. How about some nice pie crust cookies?
You are a super Son-in-Law!

Jenilee said...

sorry about the chocolate thing. :) My friend Karen is a very healthy lady and she ate the dark chocolate with bananas and strawberries. She said that was full of antioxiants or something like that... :) I personally enjoyed the S'mores dip.

Fun to meet your mom! I saw you visited my mom's blog. She may not post to much in the next month due to my sister's wedding in May but after that I know she will have some great info. I will have to a picture of her with her KitchenAid mixer! :)

Jenilee said...

I typed that fast... :) I will have to TAKE a picture of her... :)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

I, too, love Lisa. She has been a sweet and kind woman since the day I met her, and I so thank her for sharing her first 2 children with me. It's a very kind and generous thing to do -- not everyone can or will do it! I envy her great talents in the "old fashioned" arena. She has a super sense of humor, too. We should all hate her for being beautiful and talented, but she's too nice to hate. AND I do see a lot of resemblance in that picture of the two of you...