Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conviction Continued...

So, I talked about entertainment somewhat. I told you about massive amounts of conviction about my blogging time, both writing and reading. It's definitely an obsession, as any blogger would tell you. So, what changes need to be made to make this time beneficial?

Okay, so I know that blogging isn't bad. It is perfectly permissible. But is it beneficial? You see, I know that many things are okay, but I want God's best for me, not just what is okay. I want all that fills my life to be a benefit to my eternity, not just something that is fun for today.

Am I telling you that I am going to quit blogging? No. I think that the Lord has blessed me through this avenue and actually I also think that He brought me to it (through a series of events that led to this blog) for my own benefit and growth. It's been something that is taking me toward a goal that He placed before me. The real issue is that I need to figure out how to balance it. How do I spend my time wisely?

Yesterday, well Monday (I've been scheduling here) I wrote that post from yesterday (I read those convicting posts that evening) and that morning had already been feeling the effects of this conviction. I decided not to turn the computer on until later in the day. This was so that my time was focused on the things that I needed to be doing. I had a very productive morning. Usually the first thing I do in the morning after feeding Smiles and getting diapers changed is to look at the e-mail and pull up the blogs. We don't want to get behind. This day was different.

I can say that something is my top priority all I want, but my actions will show the truth. If my family comes first, then they should be fully taken care of FIRST. So, for now one of the changes I am going to make is to leave the computer off until nap time. If it makes things better, I may just make it until bedtime because I know myself. I am weak. I have to protect me from myself.

So- no blogs, no Facebook, no IM (sorry Vicky, I know you will understand though), no e-mail until the other things are done. This will probably mean bedtime because I will most likely not get to spend time with God until naptime. That's just how my life goes, I'm not an early riser. I can blog after that.

This is hard for more than one reason. You see, I hate talking on the phone. I mean DESPISE it. There are three people that I will talk to on the phone for long periods of time and those three people are it. Anyone else I do not enjoy a phone conversation with.

Handsome is my first one. I could drink that man in all day long and still be thirsty for more. We are that icky kind of pair that want to spend all their time together. That's just what we like.

"Burger", that's my Mommy who you met last Friday, she is another. Who doesn't like to talk to their mother on the phone? I talk to her nearly everyday. She would like to slip off before I let her I think, but she is stuck with me. Your daughter is your daughter for all your life, your son is your son 'til he takes a wife. It's true.

Brie is the third. I don't know why, perhaps it's because I don't get to see her as much or something, but she is the other whose phone time I do not rush off from. She is just special I guess.

I'm a freak, I know! It's so weird. I am game for conversations in person and I love face to face time. I like e-mail and do it all the time. There is just something about that dad-gum phone. Vicky and I spend hours talking in person or on IM, but I hardly ever call her. Seriously, we IM about everything. We even IM to tell eachother when we are leaving to meet somewhere (or usually she is coming here because she is cool like that).

Back to the point. Sorry, you know me well enough now to realize that I like to get off topic easily. So, my life is going to see some trial of new ways, but what will it look like from this end? I would venture to say that I will probably skip out on weekend posts. It's easy to write a few when they come to my mind, so I just plan on writing them and then scheduling. If something isn't up for the day, that's okay.

Tomorrow I will continue on the rest of the topics that I discussed.


Vicky said...

Hmmm... this morning, as I was eating breakfast, I chose my computer... and my raisin bread toast seems to have a bit of conviction layered on it because of that choice. I think I might join you in the "keep it off all day" thing. Granted, it's off all day when I'm at work (except for my email), but on my days off, it's a distraction.

I actually saw you weren't signed in to IM this morning and wondered if that was related to your conviction :)

What's funny is that I've been thinking the same thing about IM... "I'd leave the computer off all day but IM is my way of talking to Amber! And we BOTH hate the telephone!" Guess we can both grow in our phone skills and talk on IM in the evening (before 9pm).

Laurel said...

Sounds pretty legalistic to me. (Just kidding!!!)

No, it sounds like you are taking some good steps to hear from the Lord and take action. Way to go!!!

And, if others are "convicted" by reading about your convictions, than maybe the Lord is trying to talk to them, also. (I can just imagine someone saying, "Oh don't give me a guilt trip.")

Good job! Way to go! Keep listening to the Lord ... and let us know what He's telling you. :)

Laurel :)

Brie said...

I like that I am special!! I absolutly DESPISE the phone as well. I mean the sound of it ringing makes my skin crawl. But, you are also on my special list. You, Mike and my Mom and thats it!

I think what you are doing it great! It is something I should do as well.

Jenilee said...

What scares me about all of this, is if this is what we are dealing with, what will it be like for our kids when they are grown? The computer, telephone, tv, psp... they are taking over our time! I can't imagine what it will be like when everyone has a laptop, internet on their phone... I mean, I see the day when everyone will walk around with a small laptop! Wow. things to think about.

You are not alone in your thinking. We were just talking about it at our awake overnighter... how these things take up so much of our time and attention during the day.

This morning I made a point to go to the playroom with my girls and help them play kitchen and babies. It was fun... I was with them in presence and mind. I think we have to continue to teach our kids the importance of quality time!

God Bless you my far away friend! :)

Stefanie said...

And once again we agree on something, I despise talking on the phone too!!! LOL!