Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Pledge

To all my friends, relatives, and future visitors to my home:

Today I make this pledge, which has been carried out in act for some time, but will now be documented on the internet. That is a pledge that will not be shaken. Almost as if it were written in blood or spit (that's for my two male readers and my son one day when he looks back upon this day).

I am committed to being honest with you. I will cover up no more, I will not deceive you with false perfection. I vow to live in front of you as I live in front of my husband and children. I make this promise, not just for myself, but also for your sake. I know that by my action of honesty and humility, you will be free to do the same with me. You can live at peace knowing that I will not judge you. We will live in harmony together. In honesty with one another. No pressure at all.

My home will henceforth be in the state that it was before I knew you were coming. If we are having a clean day, you will see a clean house. If we are having a wreck of a day, I will not scramble at the last minute to tidy up for you. My dishes will be left undone. My carpets will scream for the vacuum, my toilets waiting for their scrub down. That large pile of laundry on the red chair...it will stay there, or perhaps move to another location just as untidy should someone need a seat.

That is my dedication to our friendship. That is how much I love you.

WARNING: You may find the house in shambles more often than you find it clean. I prefer to spend time with my babies rather than scrub the floors.


Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...
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Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Pay attention to the kids...dont clean. Got it!

But...really its mostly Curly's fault...she makes the biggest messes...all by herself too. Yep.

Nana said...


Mom (Lisa) said...

What? You actually used to clean when other people came over? I guess I should feel special 'cause I always the authentic state of things when I come. Glad you never feel like showing off for me.

Vicky said...

I was totally going to say what your mom said :)

Either that or "I'm sorry but unless your house is spotless, I won't feel comfortable being there." But I was concerned that you'd never invite me over again (or let me invite myself, as the case may be...).

Gramps said...

I glad you are finally becomming normal.