Thursday, March 19, 2009

For My Birthday...

Curly has a birthday coming up. We have four sets of grandparents and an extra one to boot. That makes it really hard not to focus on gifts...our children only have one cousin so far.


And since that one cousin who is smack in the middle of our two (age wise), we kind of have some spoilage going on. I think we do okay in spite of it though.

So, with the birthday of our first born coming up, there have been a couple of questions as to what she would like for her birthday.

Aunt Artsy is one of my younger sisters (we won't get to her in Meet the Family for MONTHS). She was on the phone with Curly and asked, "What do you want me to bring you for your birthday?"

Curly had an awesome response that has been her steady one through many inquiries. Seriously, most of the questioners have received the same response. Here's how the conversation went down:

Aunt Artsy: "What do you want for your birthday Curly?"

Curly: "Ummm....Olives."

Aunt Artsy: "Olives? Okay, sure. I will bring you olives for your birthday."

Curly, seeing that she actually got a yes, decides to ask for a little more: "Olives, and chips. Chips too Aunt Artsy!"

Aunt Artsy: "Sure." Laughs a little, "I will bring you olives and chips."

Curly pauses for a long time and Aunt Artsy starts to change conversation. Curly suddenly realizes she forgot something!

Curly: "AND WATER. I would like Olives, and chips, AND WATER please." (I'm not sure if the please was in there or not, but we will give her the benefit of the doubt...because I am feeling generous...and because I am laughing at her on the internet.)

She deserves it. She's a sweet girl.


Brie said...

Sounds like a girl who knows what she wants! I know someone whos brother asked for pickles for EVERY holiday. The Easter Bunny brought him pickles, Santa brought him pickles, you get it.

Anyway, I think it's a very cute request!

Vicky said...

Maybe if you fed her more often, she wouldn't feel the need to ask for food for her birthday ;)

(I'm kidding... I realize you know that, but I felt the need to clarify before other readers think I'm mean)

Mom (Lisa) said...

Olives and chips are very salty so I really understand the need to remember water!

Kimberly said...

Olives? LOL Really, olives?

Very cute. One of the reasons I love children, you never know when they are going to make you laugh.


P.S. Curly would love our blog, "Raising Olives" ha ha ha.