Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Music

Can I just say that this week has been SO busy! I have been overwhelmed a little by the things that I have had every single day this week. MOPS, Bible study, play dates, a day out with my Mom...lots of stuff.

But...since I promised someone I would blog today, actually two somebodies that told me they need their fix, you get a mostly pictures post.

I'm sure you will survive.

Curly showed Smiles how to make music awhile back.

He eventually learned it as you can see. It was loads of cute, as well as loads of fun.

Tomorrow is Friday. Meet the Family is on the way, I won't miss that for you. I promise!

1 comment:

Brie said...

Its about time woman!! Just kidding! Love ya! I know how busy weeks go, hopefully you can get some rest this weekend.