Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet the Family: Chalupa

So, it was a little hard for me to figure out if I wanted to do a meet the family on my Dad, or my Chalupa first. I decided to go with Chalupa first because he goes with Burger (who you met last week) and that way you can pair them together easily.

Chalupa is my extra Dad, my Mom's husband. They met when I was in Junior High school. After a year or two of dating (forgive me Mom if I am off, but I was a kid and honestly didn't pay that much attention to how long you dated and whatnot) our two families became one and we lived under one roof. I CAN tell you that they were planning the wedding when Handsome and I first started dating. Handsome always recalls the stack of wedding books that were in front of my Mom the day he came to pick me up for our first date. That was in April of 2000, so that was nearly 9 years ago.

I always got along with Chalupa pretty well. Blending families can be difficult, but I always felt that he was a rational man and if I had qualms about something I could go to him in sincerity and tell him why I disagreed. He would actually listen to me and sometimes took what I said and worked with it. That means a lot to a young person. To feel that they are heard and that their opinion matters.

He got the name Chalupa from me many years ago. Honestly I think that I started calling him that because it sounded like calling him "Pa" without actually having the awkwardness of calling him Dad. I've gotten over that now and when I am not referring to him as Papa, which is what my Curly calls him, I just call him Dad. In the last few years he really has filled the roll of a Dad for me often. I know that he loves me just the way I am, even when he doesn't agree with perhaps some of the things that are cooky about me. I never have to question whether or not he would be there for me, he treats me as though I had always been one of his children.

Now, about Chalupa...

He is one of the best Grandpa's that I have ever seen, I'm not just saying that to be nice either. My kids adore him! Curly has lit up when he enters the room since she was very small and I think that he was the first grandparent that she bonded with a lot. All she used to talk about was Papa Papa Papa. He was her main man...other than Dad of course. Smiles has followed in adoration of Papa and gives him some mighty big grins. (Of course, Smiles isn't near as stingy with those as Curly was.)

Here is Papa with Smiles when he was a month or two old. They were just hanging out together on the back porch with both their vices. Papa likes his beer and Smiles likes to "get his binky on".

That's always been one of my favorite pictures. I don't know why, but it is.

He is so great with Curly. He will go out with her and jump on the trampoline or swing with her. She loves that he isn't afraid to do the things she likes to do. He is selfless in their play and makes it all about her. We all know that is the way to a girl's heart. Make her feel like she is the center of your world. He has got it down when it comes to her.

Chalupa LOVES to go fishing. Last year when we went to Idaho to visit Gramps and GG, Papa went fishing quite a few times. The time of year was prime fishing time and he and Gramps both enjoy going out on the river to fish. Every time Curly would ask where Papa was, we told her he was fishing. After we came home and had been back for quite some time, she would still tell us that Papa was fishing if he wasn't home. In her world he doesn't work or do anything but fish. I'm sure he wishes he lived in that world...though he might like to throw in some golfing once in awhile.

When she was still in the early twos, Papa told her that she could go fishing when she was three. She remembered that FOREVER and she just got her pole this week. When the weather is nice she will get to go fishing with Papa.

The above picture is taken in the backyard at their house. Chalupa keeps a pretty awesome lawn most of the time and this was especially prime lawn time. My brother was getting married! Our wedding was in their backyard too and it was beautiful. It was a great wedding spot.

Now, Mom would say it wasn't fair if I didn't give you a quirk for him too. One silly thing about Chalupa is that he gets silly under certain circumstances. When he takes a certain prescribed sleep aid which shall remain nameless...he may have some very silly episodes. The family plays along and actually encourages craziness for their enjoyment. I can't say that I would not be participating if I were there. Some of the stories are pure hilarity. That's all I can say. Mom is free to share a story in the comments if she so desires. I cannot tell a story that I did not witness.

There are so many things that I could say about Chalupa, but I will end with one last thing he loves. He is a Harley man. Curly used to dig the motorcycle, but she is now afraid of it. get an older picture.

He may be a man's man through every inch of his blood, but Chalupa has a soft heart and we sure do love him.


Mom (Lisa) said...

I have never seen a person enjoy grandparenting more than chalupa does. He really is a great guy.
I give a nod to his parents for raising him right. Chalupa has four brothers that are all good guys too. (Sorry ladies, they are all happily married.)
I am tuly blessed to have this man in my life!

Vicky said...

How come I don't get a food nickname? We've got Meatloaf, Burger, Chalupa... I'm feeling a bit left out! :)

Papa has definitely won Curly's heart! She loves to tell me all about him :)

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Chalupa is a great father and an awesome grandfather. I know our kids couldnt has for a better grandfather and I couldnt ask for a better father-in-law. He is always there for us when we need him most! Thanks for putting up with me spending so much time in your home while "Pure Mommy" and I sure paid off for us all! :)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

Chalupa is also a great host; he makes everyone feel welcome in his home, even those of us who are shy. And don't turn on any dance music or we'll have to hit the floor! :-)