Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Rest of the List

Last week I did some sharing of the areas that I am growing and learning in right now. I have a couple more to explain, but if you missed the earlier parts and want to catch up, you can start with last week on Monday and work your way forward.

The words that come out of my mouth is another area on my list of things that I need to draw my attention to. I am not talking about foul language or being mean, rather focusing on speaking words that bring life. Words have a heavy effect and if I do not choose to use them wisely then perhaps I might cause pain that was unintended.

But lets focus on the positive. It's amazing how much an encouraging word can do for a person. I know that when I get words of encouragement I can be lifted for days, sometimes longer. I know the things that I see about myself that I am proud of, but when someone else sees something in me it makes a much larger impact. Other people don't know my heart and the work I am focusing on. God uses words to lift others up.

Or bring them down. I would hope that I am trying to use words that bring life and not destruction.

This can lead a little bit into the next area, which is my love for others. There have been times in my life when I do have large amounts of focus on others and love for them. If I look at myself right now though, I would say that I have some grounds for improvement. It's not that I don't care at all, it's just that I have been very caught up in my own things and my own family. I haven't been paying attention to the people around me. I think that one pretty much explains itself.

My last thing is my reverence for and toward God. I think that this has always been a bit hard for me. I have a hard time grasping the magnitude of God, who He is, and what He has done for me. It's just very difficult for me to "get". This isn't to say that I take Him lightly or anything like that, but I just don't have that deep reverence that I think I should have. This one is an area that is going to take much prayer. I don't think that there is an easy way to plan out how to really revere God. It is something that He will have to bring into my heart and grow me in.

So, there is the depth that is going on in my life and the things that God is growing me in. As these areas are developed I might share how they are changing. For now it's back to your regularly scheduled extract.

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i gave you a kreative blog award! check out my last post. :)