Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet the Family: Me

It turns out that most of the pictures I have of myself look like this...

(Huge and pregnant)

Or like this...
(Silly and crazy, because that is the true me.)

So, I'm sorry for cutting your head off Mom, but I had to do it to get a picture of myself that looked halfway normal.

I realized that I should tell you a little bit about me. Often my stories are about my little ones or my husband, I don’t often tell you the little things about me. Sure, I share some of the deep stuff, but when it comes to the daily stuff I bet you don’t get much.

Funny enough, it’s hard to know what to say about myself. It’s easy to examine others, but when it comes to me…I don’t know what to talk about. I guess we will talk about what I have been doing recently.

Reading has been something that takes up more and more of my time lately. I have so many things that I want to learn and I just don’t have enough time. That’s partly why we gave up television too. (I asked Handsome if he misses it at all and he said that he doesn’t miss it in the slightest.) I don’t read many fiction books, mostly non-fiction. Unless you are talking about bedtime stories or reading that is done for Curly’s sake.

Topics on my recent list are many. Firstly, I always want to learn more about the Lord and how to better follow Him and grow closer to Him. Admittedly, that is easier to read than to put into practice. I have been known to have multiple books in the topic going at one time…in fact, I usually do.

Second, I have parenting books going all the time. I have been reading about homeschooling and how we will want to go about that. Handsome and I have prayed about it and put a lot of thought into it and decided that that is the route for us. I know that it isn’t for everyone, but neither is the school system. I have also just been reading books on godly parenting. I figure the more I read about it, the more I can formulate a good opinion and method for parenting our children. It’s always good to have many opinions of wise people to gather together and take the best from all of them.

Third, I have quite a few books on nutrition that I am reading right now. We are trying to better our food intake so that our fuel is effective and healthy. So true in every way is the statement that what goes in the body, comes out of the body. It is important to put good things in via the mouth, the eyes, and the ears. This area is still overwhelming to me at the moment.

Other than reading, I love photography. I especially enjoy photographing our children. I am not good at posing people, it’s more fun and in my range of talent to capture moments that are happening. It’s also fun to look back and see how far I have come in that area. It’s a hobby that I will keep at least as long as I have children.

Writing is something that God has been developing with me. There is a long story that I don’t have time to talk about right now, but I didn’t do much writing at all before Curly was born. When she was somewhere around six months old I was prompted in that area and funny enough, I feel blogging is a growing experience for me. A way to practice and grow in the area of writing so that I can listen to that call and be prepared for it as the Lord speaks words to me. I just write them as they come and the Lord definitely speaks to me through my fingers sometimes. We will just sit together at the keys and He will speak to me through the screen as I type. It’s interesting how sometimes I feel as though I am reading something as it is written on the screen. It starts with a simple thought and then once the typing starts it just keeps going until it’s done. It’s such an awesome thing when the Lord works in that way. I am so pleased that he allows me to be a part of it.

Crafting is something that I enjoy. As you may have noticed through a glimpse, I enjoy making cards. Paper has always been my medium. I am lucky enough to have a mother-in-law that sells Stampin’ Up! and she supplies me with things that would not be in my budget. It’s a fun way to spend some time all by myself with little thought. Often my time is spent in deep thought, so this is a way that I can just spend some time relaxing. I am not big on scrapbooking, though I do it. I love cards because they are small and can be done quickly. I also never have the pictures printed that I want, so the wait for those makes me impatient.

Lastly for now, I am interesting in my tidiness. I like to be organized and neat. When things can’t be done perfectly, I would rather not do them at all. Interesting isn’t it. It doesn’t make sense to me either. I just do it because that is what I do. It makes little to no sense at all. Why not just have it look decent? If I find out I will tell you.

That’s me.

Now you get to start meeting the extended family. Next week make sure you come prepared. The extended family can be a bit…well, interesting. I promise to start off easy. The sheer volume is enough to overwhelm you. Did I forget to tell you how many siblings I have? Guess you will have to keep count! It’s about to get interesting folks…


Vicky said...

1. You are a beautiful pregnant lady :)

2. Still, I can understand your wanting to post a picture without the bun-in-the-oven.

3. What I find interesting is that your tidiness/ perfection and craftiness coexist so peacefully. Seeing as my perfectionism is the reason I don't craft.

4. It is DEFINITELY about to get interesting. Fellow readers, you may want to consider bringing a pencil and paper with you next week. :)

5. Ezekiel Raisin Bread is very very very yummy.

Mom said...

Okay...So the family tree is one of those mail order kind with 3-4 different kinds of fruit all on one trunk! All the "fruits" are beautiful, tasty, and juicy though!

Oh! and SILLY!

By the way, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the nutrition stuff too...I had no idea how utterly toxic our typical american diet really is. Now that I know, I cannot go back to it. I will have to take baby steps in the direction of healthy. I'm sure every step will make a difference. Glad we're on that "walk" together.

Mom said...

Oh Yeah! Thanks for cutting of the other half of that picture. I am not too fond of how I look in that one. (Maybe it's cause I'm standing next to a tall beautiful blond goddess!) Or it could be the really bad farmer tan in that dress...Not sure which.

Jenilee said...

It's nice to "meet" you! :)

Stefanie said...

I don't think I've ever told me what originally drew me to your blog was the title. I am studying the natural whole foods lifestyle and it's hard to find others that are as interested and passionate as I am so I typically fail. Anyways, I'm trying!

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

These are only some of the great things about you that made me say "I have to marry that woman!" so many years ago. :)

I love you!

Bill and Tonya said...

Nice to meet "MY" neighbor! We have been blessed having you and the family living next door to us.

Oh, the first pix of you pregnant.... your neighbor's backyard looked really good back then. (grin)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

I love you lots, that's all I can say. :-)