Monday, March 16, 2009

Moments on Facebook

So, quite a few of you were witnesses and participants in last night's Facebook laughter. I didn't anticipate all of the fun participation from friends when I posted a status about my silly husband and a certain incident. I just had to share it with someone, so I thought, "Why not on Facebook?"

I had some good laughs last night, so I thought I would post what went down so that those without Facebook like Mom and Gramps could get a good laugh too. I have some funny friends.

I have changed names or taken out last names, so don't be surprised when you see your name different than your FB account. (I don't call myself ME and my honey isn't Handsome on there either...)

Me is laughing at her husband who just said, "OUCH!" as he ironed his chest...on purpose. 7:53pm

Handsome at 8:01pm March 15
I can't do anything in my home now...sheesh! Just to clarify...I was ironing my SHIRT while it was on. It was warm and dared burn me!
Brie at 8:42pm March 15
Um T, I think you are the only person I have ever heard of that irons their clothing while it is on?? You weren't surprised that you got burned....were you??
JR Miller at 8:44pm March 15
is nothing sacred anymore??? now a man can't even injure himself with a home appliance without everyone knowing about it... what is the world coming to.

On the flip side, that is really funny LOL
JR Miller at 8:45pm March 15
oh, and I am also glad you were not ironing your pants... ouch!
ME at 8:51pm March 15
Joe, I think that made me laugh more than the original incident!

This is what happens when I don't have time to iron his clothes...he takes it into his own hands.

JR Miller at 8:56pm March 15
what does he do when you don't wash his clothes?

Katherine Laine at 8:56pm March 15
This is the kind of report that provokes the iron company to put warnings on the labels that read "Do Not Iron Clothes While Wearing Them"

Alicia at 9:17pm March 15
Just to defend T a bit...I sometimes use my hair straightener to "iron" my clothes...while they're on. T, it's really easy, and you don't burn yourself!

Handsome at 9:18pm March 15
I guess I need to clarify again...the iron wasn't on anymore, it was cooling so I figured it'd be warm and I was cold...and it was...quite warm. I guess the more I clarify the more this sounds stupid. :) Well I got warm at least...and publicly humiliated by my own wife! =p

Suzanne at 10:24pm March 15
this brought so much humor into my evening!! Thank you! (Alicia-a hair straightener????) lol
Stephanie at 10:50pm March 15
Hmm...warm iron, chest...yep that would hurt!!! lol Thanks for the antic! needed a good laugh!

Followed by this picture this morning...

With this caption: I heard this photo is from the week A left T to do the laundry.

Created by Joe over at More Than Cake. I love that he used the picture with the flower in his hair too!

Thanks friends for some great participation in a fun evening. It was great!


Brie said...

That picture is priceless! lol!!!

Laurel said...

Cute story! I don't have facebook, so glad you shared on your blog.

I knew a lady a few years ago that seriously burned her shoulder when she tried to iron her shirt while it was on. Like ... serious burn, that needed medical attention.

Loved Alicia's suggestion. Hadn't heard of that one before. Smart woman.

Blessings to your fun family!

Laurel :)

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I will never live this moment down and now people are creating pictures about it and other possible situations! :)

Thanks for making everyone else aware that wasn't already wifey!