Friday, December 5, 2008

Laundry Chronicles: Case of the Missing Socks

There is a place that no mother has seen. A place where there are mountains of missing things that disappear from us forever. A place that makes no sense. This place has many different names, my mother always called it Binky Land.

Binky Land is now home to countless socks (only one in the pair), pacifiers, pocket change, small favorite toys, and so on. Many mothers have attempted to find this place only to be mocked by the oh so small mayor of Binky Land. I can't remember even half the things that I have lost to this land of apparent scavengers, but I know that it exists. I know that this Thumbelina sized man laughs in the face of us all while he watches us searching from room to room, under couch and bookshelf, until exhausted we fall and forget our search. What being could find joy in such frustration? It is beyond my comprehension to understand the mind of such a creature. It is a mystery best left undisturbed.

I must share. I think I have found one of the portals to Binky Land. If you read this post and I have suddenly disappeared shortly after, there is no hope. The tiny menacing guy has seen me. Do not send out a search party. You will exhaust yourself in vain. No one can actually get to Binky Land, but my hope is that you might have a portal like mine. If you find yours, you can possibly save an item or two from being snatched.

Mine is in my washing machine. I found it a while back. I have front loaders and was doing some laundry. I went to switch the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer and there was a sock partially hanging out of the rubbery barrier above the place where the water drains in the door. I reached to grab it and found that this rubbery thing could be moved. I peeled it back, curious of what it might look like. I hit the mother load! Millions of socks (okay, so really less than ten individual socks) were hidden in this little portal. They must have been stored so that they could be gathered later. I pulled them all out and switched them to the dryer. I foiled your plans you creepy Binky Land man, you will have to wait for another day to laugh in this mother's face! Sadly, there must be more than one portal because he is still able to accomplish these small deeds of theivery. Someday my little man. Someday.

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Katherine Laine said...

I think you could create a children's book from this mysterious land and all it's tales...