Friday, December 26, 2008

Practical Girl, Not to be Confused With Material Girl

What a practical girl I happen to be. At least in this phase of my life I have no room for clutter and am in love with functional and practicality. I haven't really wanted that much as far as gifts this year because there isn't anything that I really needed. It was great fun watching Curly enjoy all the aspects of Christmas this year, but Handsome and I didn't get any big gifts for each other. He gave me a small crockpot for putting hot cereal in at night so that it will be ready when we wake, and I got him a sweater. (He did have a birthday recently, so he got a couple of games to go with the x-box 360 his brother gave him.) I guess our families know us well. Some of my favorite gifts this year...

At a party where we had a $5 gift exchange (the kind where you steal...and I did), I got two bottles of Bath and Bodyworks hand soap. I found out, after being so pleased each time I wash my hands, that this is actually a great gift for me. (This I told my husband of course.) It's something that I will use that doesn't clutter, but it's a small luxury that makes me smile every time I use it. It's just a little fancy and the smell is pleasant after each use. Perfect.

Both my Dad and Handsome's gave gift cards for eating out. Another luxury that we don't get often. That is always something we truly enjoy- getting a date! They come with free babysitting too, not that we are ever lacking in that area... =)

My Grandparents sent some lovely canned goods. I loved it! I am definitely keeping this in mind for future gifts. Apple butter reminds me of when I was a little girl. My Gramps and Grandma had it all the time (at least in my memory), and yes Gramps- I do remember you teaching me to lick the knife =). I am so excited to try the peach butter, and the peaches will go well with our Sunday dinner sometime. Choke Cherry syrup will be something new to the other members of my family and to be honest, my memories of it are not very clear either.

And let us also mention here- the gift of meat! My parents gave us a gift certificate to Butcher Boys for meat, a generous gift at that. I love their meat, which is also natural as can be. No hormones or junky stuff in our meat thanks.

We have great family that blesses us all year round. (My Mother in law treats me to my one area of unpractical obsession quite often. She is a supplier for my crafting addiction.) I appreciate each of them for so many reasons. Thanks for all the wonderful ways that you bless our lives- material and not...

Mostly the not.


Mom (Lisa) said...

Your great grandmother used to make choke cherry syrup. (she was usually trying to make jelly and often it turned out runny...which we would all celebrate because we liked it even better that way, soaks into the pancakes!)
When she passed away, there was no more of it because the family all lived in WA where there are no choke cherry bushes(that I know of). I'm really glad that your Grandma has revived the joys of this delicious tradition. For me it is a little reminder of the many happy times with my most beloved Grandmaw (her spelling not mine). Maybe that will be passed down to your family now. I promise to keep it alive and I will make it someday too.

Jenilee said...

Hello! I just happened upon your blog tonight... I enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I am totally with you on the bath and body hand soaps. I love them. I also love a great smelling dish soap... makes doing dishes so much more pleasant! I also am with you on the TV issue! I have 3 girls and I believe that "be careful little eyes what you see" still applies today. Anyway, just a note to tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog.

God Bless,