Friday, December 19, 2008

Playing Along

Here's what to do...
Take a picture of your view from a window in your house (even if you don't have snow!), and post it on your blog along with the picture above (you can copy and paste it). Then link your blog back to here and post a comment so I can take a look at your winter wonderland...
Here's what it looks like in the pacific northwest!

In a very particular order: This is yesterday afternoon before we really got the brunt of things coming down...well, I guess an hour or so after it had started.

This is around dusk when things got a bit harrier for sure. I was worried about Handsome making it home...took him 4 hours. Yucky stuff.

This was right after he got home...and I showed him up scooping the snow out of the driveway. He laughed at me because I got out the dust pan. He went the shovel route, which is nice in theory, but when you remember the fact that we don't get much snow around here and his shovel was pointed...not so effective. I was laughing at the end of that! (So was he. I wasn't going to blog about it, but he kept asking if I had done so yet- so for him, I share.)

Now is Curly today in the snow. It was pretty deep for these parts. She has been so sad not being able to go out in it. She has been sick with a temp of 103 and some other sickly issues. The first day she wasn't thinking about getting out there at all (it all began very early Tuesday morning), but by the third day, she was ready to get going. She had a small fever, but I still let her play for a short time. We warmed her right up with a bath after and I made sure she took a nice nap.

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Vicky said...

You'll have to add another picture to this post after tonight/ tomorrow's snow :)