Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Mermaid, Bad Influence?

Watch out mothers! The object of my seven, eight, and nine year old affection might be harmful to your daughters...or at least their hair. You may think it harmless, but when further examined, The Little Mermaid might not be worthy of the precious eyes of my Curly. "That unfortunate Sea Witch!" you say. Not so much. Perhaps you have issue with her, that is not my concern today.

This is what my childhood obsession caused this morning. I am sure that in the 80's it was not uncommon for a mother to find her daughter like this:


Vicky said...

Oh no! Please tell me you were able to get it out without cutting it!

Claire said...

OMG I LOVE it. How could the movie we both love so much wreak such havoc??

Mom (Lisa) said...

Wow! Curly got a dinglehopper in her hair! Looks like "An astheticaly pleasing configuration of hair humans go nuts over!"

Seriously, you did the same thing...once...with a dinglehopper. Many other times with other stuff. Brushes, combs, curling irons, GUM. It's just what girls(scratch that)kids do.
Your sibs all wound stuff in their hair and cut it too.

Vicky said...

I think your mom may have endured a few too many viewings of "The Little Mermaid" thanks to you :)