Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silly Handsome

This is our four cup coffee pot. I like it. It makes it possible for Handsome to have fresh, hot coffee when he is going to work and still allows me to have my two cup serving of fresh, hot coffee later. Who wants coffee that's been sitting out? Not me. I bought it because #1- the glass broke on the last one that was borrowed from his mother, and #2- I wanted one that would make a two cup serving so that I could make just enough for one person.

Disclaimer now: Handsome reads all my posts that poke a little fun at him and is okay with them. He cries a lot of the time (in laughter) because he knows how silly he is. I told him he needs a blog so that he can write about my silly things too. He hasn't done it yet.

Okay, now that I have made sure that you don't think I pick on him too much, guess what he tells me the other morning... He is in the kitchen making coffee in the morning for the two of us on his day off. He gives a grunty sigh in major frustration. I ask what is the matter.

"It only made four cups!"

" know it's a four cup coffee pot, right?"

"But I put six cups of water in it to make more!" Totally confused and ticked at the STUPID coffee pot. Grrrrr! (face and tone in his voice)

"Ummm, honey, it only makes four cups." I smile with love trying not to laugh my bones out at him while I try to figure out where his mind is. "It doesn't fit six cups."

"Yes. I poured six cups of water in there. It should have made six cups!"

"HONEY- look at the back of the coffee maker. Do you see that hole back there? The water will come out if you fill it more full than that four cup line. Is that why there is water all over the counter when you make coffee for us lately?"

He just smiles in slight embarrassment and walks away. He is awesome at his job, but it's a good thing he doesn't do mine.

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Mom (Lisa) said...

Sounds like Handsome needs a cup o' coffee before he tries to make a pot o' coffee! Ha! Ha!
Reminds me of when I asked Nick how to rewind the DVD!