Wednesday, December 10, 2008


God had a great plan (wow, I'm sure that's news!) in the way he designed the church family. It's a great blessing when we actually work the way we are supposed to and share the benefit of our experience with those younger than us, as well as learn great things from those with wisdom and experience we have not gained yet. I believe that so much more deep learning and growth comes through those relationships than listening to a person speak to you as a group could ever accomplish. Growth that takes place in relationship strikes deeper because it is personal and relational.

I have found in the last year or two that it makes such a difference to have mentoring women in my life. Often things are said just in spending time that give wisdom and learning, things that aren't even intentional. I wish that more young women had the opportunity to have mentors, that we knew how to start those relationships. I feel like our lives aren't set up to naturally create an environment where that naturally takes place. It seems like we segregate so much by age and likeness of interests that we don't benefit from the growth that takes place when we are challenged by those that are different than our natural peers.

I also think that we have to be careful though. It's easy to look to our mentors before looking to God. I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish for that audible voice. I want WORDS to be spoken from heaven so that I know that I am not putting my own words into the mouth of God. If I want to know what to do in a given situation and I get impatient and tired of waiting for word through prayer, I may be (and have been) tempted to seek the wisdom of a woman that I trust and admire. There is nothing wrong with seeking wisdom from the mentor. The problem comes when I turn to someone other than God for my answers.

So, I am thankful for those that God has brought into my life to teach me and share their wisdom. I just have to remember to take care in remembering that they are human as well, and they do not know the answer God has for me in each situation I face. The wisdom and experience is a guide, but the Lord is the answer.

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Vicky said...

"The wisdom and experience is a guide, but the Lord is the answer."

Very well said, Amber! Mentor-relationships are so important in our life, but we must never use them (or any relationship) to take the place of God in our lives.

Thanks for the reminder :)