Monday, December 1, 2008

Wheeled Friendship

I am not a gadget person in the kitchen. I like to use knives for cutting and chopping, spoons to stir things, and a good old fashioned pan to cook things. I don't think they save much time and they are usually a pain to clean. I have a few gadgets that I love however. I use a Kitchen Aid (no extra attachments, just the whip, mix, and knead attachments), a garlic press, and a rice cooker (mom got it for me one year and I use it). Other than those, I don't really use gadgets.

I have one other gadget up my sleeve though. It is one that, as a mother of little children, can be quite useful. Some of you may not think of it as a gadget at all...but a regular knife could do it's work just fine. It just actually does cut down on time with no extra clean up. When you have little children it can quickly cut any food into bite size pieces with perfect precision.

"What is that gadget?!?" I know you are all dying to know...and since it isn't a secret or anything, you may already use it. Just in case it slipped your mind is your best friend when feeding children under two:

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