Monday, December 29, 2008

Dangerous Kisses

I know I posted a Curly conversation yesterday, but I had to share this one from this morning anyway because it was too funny.

Mommy walks into the bedroom and grabs smiles. She starts kissing on him like anyone that sees this guy would.

Curly: "Don't kiss him Momma. 'Cause eeey as REALLY dangerous kisses!"

I guess I'm adventurous because I am willing to take that risk.

1 comment:

Mom (Lisa) said...

DANGER! You may get barf on your face if you kiss this baby!

DANGER! You may need to remove drool with a squeegie after kissing this baby!

DANGER! You may not be able to STOP kissing this baby once you get started!

DANGER! This baby will steal your heart if you are in the same room with him!

I'm a very brave Grandma, who likes to throw caution to the wind!