Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tinkling in the Night

I may, or may not have been up at nearly 1:00 am cleaning tinkled sheets this morning.

I may, or may not have forgotten to change Curly's panties to a diaper last night when we put her clothes on fresh at the dryer because they were so warm.

She may, or may not have kept saying "Silly Momma!" continuously as I cleaned up her perhaps shaking with cold body, and might have also kept telling me that she was "FREEZING" with her violent shivers.

I may or may not be too prideful to come fully clean about it by actually admitting what I did or did not do...which is why, perhaps, I have to go about saying it in a silly way.


Bronwyn said...

You crack me up!

Mom (Lisa) said...

At least she wasn't in your bed last night ;)