Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Learning to Give

I'm back for a moment tonight from the land of sickness that has been our home for the past week now. It seems it's very hard to blog when you have a child attached to you either running a fever, coughing up a lung and having trouble breathing, or throwing up a bit...I know, just poor excuses. I'm such a slacker. Anyway-

This year we decided that Curly is old enough to give gifts. I think it is important that she work for these gifts so that it isn't just cash handed to her. I want her to learn to give gifts that she is actually sacrificing for, not just hand her money and say, "Go pick out a gift."

She did three chores for $1 each. First chore was sweeping the kitchen floor. (She got help because the broom was too big for her to hold very well.) The second was washing the kitchen floor with a wet washcloth. She was very tired after that one and didn't want to finish. I had to coach her and cheer her on and she did a great job of finishing. The third chore was sorting the monster pile of laundry that we had in our bedroom into piles of each person they belonged to. She was a little more okay with that one. She adores sorting things right now!

Then Grandma and Papa took her to the dollar store to get gifts for Mommy, Daddy, and Smiles. She helped her to focus on the fact that she was looking for something that the receiver would want, not just something that she would like. (I guess that she wanted to get Smiles a boomerang at one point...) They took her home and helped her wrap them so that she could bring them to our house where she proudly displayed them under the tree.

I can't wait to open them in front of her and teach her about how fun it is to see the happy face of the person you gifted too!


Vicky said...

I love the last pic... she look so tired from cleaning the floor. What an important lesson!

I hope you take pictures of her when you guys open the gifts she chose for you. (Also the boomerang was pretty funny. Oh my!)

Hopefully next week the snow (and germs) will disappear and I can bring my gifts over. I miss you guys!

brie said...

I did the same thing with Jaden, minus the chores thing. that would have been a really good idea! He picked out gifts from the dollar store for everyone. It is pretty funny the stuff they pick out!!