Saturday, April 25, 2009

March for Babies

Today was the March of Dimes, that walk I have been raising money for on my sidebar. We walked 5 miles...much less than the previous 12 that the walk was when I used to walk it. Back then I was young and spry. Back then I was practically a baby. (My first walk was when I was in 4th grade.) I was decidedly fine with that shorter distance today.

This year was the first year that I actually had the unfortunate honor to walk in memory of someone that had touched my life though. Not something that I ever hoped would happen, but it was the case none the less. It made for a somewhat more emotional walk this time.

Our team wore yellow lays to show that we were walking in memory of babies that were born and lost. Others wore purple (premature) and green (birth defects). And there were many that walked with none. (That's a good thing IMO.)

Here is the beautiful Mama of our team. Brie worked very hard to raise a lot of money in memory of her little girls. Isn't it special that so soon after her loss she was able to find something that she could do to help others that might encounter the same hardship. How special. You are a wonderful woman Brie. I sure do love you.

This is her husband Mike, Daddy of Emily and Allison.

And their big brother Jaden. He was planning on walking 100 miles today! I wonder how that went for him...

Brie giving Curly her "necklace" to wear. She gave it to Daddy and said that she wanted to save it until we got home.

This is Brie's mom, Katie. Grandma of the girls.

Smiles on my back. Boy how glad I was that my new hiking backpack had come in the mail before the walk. I did pretty well with it, just a little sore. Come to find out I didn't have it properly fit to my body, and it still felt pretty good until the very end.

My handsome Handsome walked with us too. Then he promptly had to head to work for a closing shift. I'm sure he will fall down on the floor the moment he walks in tonight!

Smilesy poo. His nose and cheeks got wind burn on them, but he didn't cry or fuss the whole way. He fell asleep early on and then after he woke up, he just talked mostly. The last few blocks he started to get antsy for some movement. It was SO cold that we had him bundled too tight for much movement.

And little miss Curly got to ride in a stroller. She didn't walk very much, but ate plenty of fruit snacks along the way. (Given at the mile markers of course. We do not do fruit snacks at our house...unless Grandma S. brings them over.) Notice Grandma Burger with her too.

Some other walkers on our team. This little one below is having people sign her shirt.

Aunt Meatloaf was my walking partner in the old days. Back in the fourth grade days. She walked with Mom a lot and they got to catch up. Can you tell it was really cold this morning? Like numb your butt cold! (Did I just write that? HA!)

My little sister Aunt Artsy. She was trying to hide from the cold. Poor girl has absolutely no meat on her bones, so I am sure she was about as close to a popsicle as a human can come. I could hardly see her with that dark hood over her face.

Vicky was there too. Also freezing her bootay off with us.

And now it's time to share in Jaden's "warm up dance"...or silliness...or something like that.

Here is part of the crowd. We were crazy ready to get started. We needed circulation! It was crucial.

And finally, we're off!

Thanks to all those that donated in support of this cause. I'm very grateful that you cared enough to show your support in this way. And thank you to those of you that have supported this family in prayer. That is the best gift of support that one can give.


Brie said...

I love this post! I love the pictures! I love that you all were there today! I love it all!!! Thank you so much to your family for all their love and support through all this. You are all so special to me! Hugs and love to all of you! And give Tom an extra hug when he gets home tonight! I didn't know he had to work afterwards! What a guy! I wish i saw more of you during the walk, you guys were speedy! :)

Mom (Lisa) said...

Sorry for walking ahead so much...I had to go fast to generate some heat or I was going to go into hibernation. I heard it snowed last time so I guess we didn't have it sooo bad.
I really enjoyed myself and I am not even sore or tired :)