Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Kind of Milk?

Curly always makes me laugh.

Here is the conversation that went down yesterday:

Curly: "Mom, I would like some milk." pause, "Please."

Me: "Sure honey. Thank you for asking so nicely, you may have some milk."

I go into the kitchen and am getting her cup when I hear from the newly three year old mouth, "Mama, I would like cow's milk."

Ummm...okay. Cow's milk it is then.

(Apparently she was not in the mood for soy.)


Vicky said...

At the daycare I worked at in college, we had a lot of kids who drank "alternative" milks (Rice, Soy). So, on our menu we always wrote something like "Your Milk of Choice: Rice, Soy, or Cows".

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

At least she didnt want Smiles' breast milk that she is so fond of talking about at times. :)

Katherine Laine said...

I was visiting with my brother's family when my nephew asked his mom for REAL milk. She then explained that she had the kids drinking only soy for a while and since we were visiting they bought regular milk which he spotted in the fridge. It was cute.

Anonymous said...

About this age was when Abby also specified what kind of milk she would like. We only had "cow" milk delivered by Smith Bros but sometimes we messed with her and offered goat milk too.