Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Think the Baby is Trying to Tell Me Something

We have a dog.

We have a baby.

These are not new facts to you if you have been reading the meet the family posts. I just needed to refresh your minds.

Babies crawl around on the floor (or roll around and bobble back and forth as the case may be). That's how they get from here to there before they can walk. They play. On the floor.

You got that part?

Okay, and dogs, like our golden retriever Lily, well they shed a little here and there. Or a lot.

So, today I was vacuuming the floor and Smiles, who was sitting on the couch with his Uncle, started to clap. Does that mean that I should vacuum more often? Perhaps the baby would like to keep his sweaty little hands free of dog hair.

Unfortunately for Smiles I have to break the news to him. Mommy can't vacuum four times a day, which is what it would take to keep the floor free of hair.

Guess you're gonna have to learn to walk Smiles. I have faith in you.


Claire said...

the fight against pet hair is a losing battle. at lunch i went for a run. i got out my workout pants and they had approx half my cat on them. ridic.

Gramp's said...

Like I've tried to tell you get a dog like Corkey, He dosent shed. That should make you like him better.

Narelle said...

I love dogs so I try not to complain about my two dogs. I sweep the floor and dust the bed, sofa, cushions, soft toys every morning. Then I wipe the floor in the afternoon so my little Narelle can enjoy her play on the mat in the living room. Or simply put the clothes on my Ringo...