Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Curly and Her Flowers

Today Handsome was mowing the lawn. Curly always has a hard time with this process as her beloved Daddy ends up mowing her pretty "flowers". Every time her eyeball gutters get full and she tearfully begs her Daddy not to mow them.

As usual, I explained to her over and over that they will grow back but we have to cut the grass and they are in the middle of it. They aren't where we want them to be, so we have to mow them.

Through her sobs, she let me know something. "That how God made them!"

(This doesn't look like the tearful face I got. I took pictures later, after we had gone through the discussion.)

And how could I argue with that? Daddy still mowed the lawn of course, but it does make you think. Why do we have such a problem with the way God made it? Why do we always have to change God's creation from it's raw beauty into something made by the work of our own hands?


Vicky said...

1. Love the pics of Curly. You are so talented!

2. Love the spiritual lesson drawn from lawn mowing.

3. Love the "that's how God made them!". I'm sure your HOA would totally understand that one :)

Mom (Lisa) said...

Tell Curly that if there are too many flowers, she would not be able to play on the grass without encountering a bee with her feet.

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Today she didnt want me to spray the bee's nest on the underside of the house awning because the bees live in flowers! Then I tried explaining the "allergic to bee stings" part and that went well...hah.

Gramp"s said...

It's great to read the comments that you get. I'm glad to see how Mom(Lisa) is handeling this Grandma thing. It's fun to see how smart your children get when they get grandkids.

Vicky said...

Okay, I can understand her wanting to rescue the flowers, but SAVING THE BEES?!?!?! Oh dear! I think Curly and I need to have a chat. :)

(I have a fear of bees that borders on irrational... therefore, I cannot imagine a child who wants to save them!)