Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet the Family: Brody

Brody is my first brother. He is the only sibling that has both of the same parents as myself. Same Mom, same Dad.

Because of this, Brody and I understood each other better as kids. We understood the crazy mass of relatives that we had and all the strange special things about both sides of the family. And let me tell you, our family has interesting methods of life. On either side of the gene pool.

I can't say that Brody and I always got along well. He is three years younger than I am and when I got older I used to get stuck babysitting him a lot (along with the other kids). Now, because not many of you know this wonderful young man, I will share with you that you missed out on a little guy who could terrorize the best of babysitters. My mom couldn't keep a babysitter with him around!

He used to get angry with me and climb up the REALLY tall trees in the front yard. That was skill. Those trees had no branches for at least 10 feet, but he would just bear hug the tree and get a good grip, then shimmy himself up the tree. And not come down. For a long time.

I might have provoked him once in awhile. Maybe.

When Brody got to Junior High, he really just needed his Dad. A boy gets to a time when he just needs man time. He moved in with Dad and I got to see him less. I missed him, though I still got to see him plenty often. It was just different, and since I was in High School I started to have my own life outside of my family anyway.

Brody really blossomed as he got older. Mind you, this kid has always been awesome, but he learned how to make his stubborn will and independent nature work for the best. EVERYONE that knows Brody will tell you that if he doesn't want to do something- he is NOT going to do it. That's the end. Done. Finished. And that serves him well now because he is a young man with integrity and good character. I am so proud of my younger brother for the man that he is becoming.

When he sees a need, he usually jumps right in to help. He may be stubborn when he feels that anyone is pushing him into something, but if you let him be you don't have to push much. He steers himself pretty well. And now he has a wonderful wife that can help nudge him if need be. That's right, last August my little brother got married to a special young woman that he had dated for less than a year officially... (But don't be fooled, they were "just friends" for a very long time. In Brody speak that means that he was interested, but had to be sure that he was ready to marry her before official dating began.)

Now, lets not get too ahead of ourselves. Brody is a stubborn boy that really does march to his own drummer. And what beautiful music that drummer plays. I love that boy more than ever, he has become such a well rounded guy that oozes kindness.

Brody likes all things weird. He always did such strange stuff when we were kids. I remember when he would be out on the back courtyard practicing shooting a basketball while ON. A. POGOSTICK. What the heck you say? Well, that's all in a day's work with Brody. And he got good too! He could pogo with no hands and make a lot of baskets before missing one. There are other tricks on the pogo stick too, according to Mom who is sitting behind me playing with Curly.

He also got into juggling sticks, rock collecting and polishing, electronic things (he was working on making his own electronic chess board for awhile), and lots of other things.

Brody married Sunny in August of last year. They are really sweet together. Right now Sunny is going to school to become a pharmacy technician and Brody works for medical transport company. He drives people in ambulance looking van things from hospitals and nursing homes and such. (Non-emergency only)

Sunny likes to giggle a lot and they both enjoy playing games. A couple of weeks ago they came over to play Handsome's favorite game, Monopoly. I despise that game. I really don't like to play it. Unfortunately for all involved, Handsome was at work and couldn't play, but another brother was here staying over during his spring break and he played with them. I watched. I do like playing other games with them, just not that particular one.

One last thing about this pair, they enjoy cooking. I have heard a story or two about my brother getting a wild hair nearing the 2 am time frame and cooking up some stuff right then and there. They have some interesting cook books with different cuisine. It's all very creative.

That's my Brody in a nutshell...or a post anyway. Hope you liked meeting him.

Next week, more siblings on the way.


Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

Couldnt ask for a better brother in law! Patient as ever and fun to be around.

I still cant believe I missed Monopoly!

Gramp"s said...

Yup, you got this one down PAT. I agree with all you said and maybe more. I like you, LOVE him a bunch. He is so much like your Uncle Rich.

Bronwyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of him and his mamma! He is the cutest thing ever.

Mom (Lisa) said...

I agree with Gramps! He is so much like your Uncle Rich, it is sometimes a little creepy. I always hoped I'd have a baby boy who was as cute as my youngest brother. Brody surpassed every expectation! He was, and is adorable. Everything you said about him is true. I don't know a nicer person. He hates me to kiss him and that's why the silly picture is so fun for me to see. (He is a big hugger though!)
Now Sunny is perfect for Brody! and the rest of us just love her too! She fits into our crazy weird family just like she was born into it...We are blessed!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

That is a great tribute, Miss Amberlyn. I love "Brody", too. It's so hard to believe that he was such a challenging child. We all have to have our stages and steps to get to where we are. He has always been my champion, though. I could not ask for a better son -- I have stretch marks for him just as I do for you! :-)

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

I forgot to mention that I love that cute dimple of Sunny's; they are a cute couple.