Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You may have noticed some pictures of my precious little ones at the top that have changed and wondered what they are doing. They are playing in their bouncer. It's one of those things that fills up with air and they jump on it. Cool stuff.

Curly has played on it plenty of times. We got it around the time she turned 18 months old. She doesn't have as much fun all by herself though, so to have a brother old enough to start playing in there...well that was great!

Smiles had quite a bit of fun too, but was still figuring out what to do in there. He still isn't a crawler, he does so well with his army crawl that he doesn't care to figure the other way out. The bouncer was a bit interesting for him.

He is telling his sister to stop jumping on him in the above picture. At least, that's what I am guessing.

And she of course proceeded to tell him that she is his big sister and he can't tell her what to do. Or something like that.

She is pretty bossy sometimes.

But she also sure loves that boy. And he loves her too.

I just think he might wish she was a little less...

rough sometimes.

This is the Smiles pose. He is always sitting like that. Seriously. Always.

It's like he thinks he's awesome or something.

Curly thinks it's fun to go in and out. In the bouncer. Down the slide.

Smiles just thinks she is weird.

(And yes, I was in the bouncer with them. I was sitting. It's all good.)


Jenilee said...

very cute! you have adorable kiddos!

Mom (Lisa) said...

Photo #8 is showing off the blue in their eyes! WOW!

Grandma S (Sheryl) said...

They are SO cute, and they're cute together. Love them to pieces.

Raising Olives said...

Great photos! My hubby is going to buy me a new camera, so I was wondering if you have suggestions?